Bloomberg’s tied with Bernie in VA, makes debates in NV, couldn’t care less what Americans think


Former New York City Mayor and oligarch Michael Bloomberg has qualified for the Nevada debate without any testing by the other candidates or the electorate, answering no questions, and buying his way onto stages and to rising poll numbers.


Bloomberg is running neck-and-neck with communist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for the top spot in Virginia’s upcoming Democratic presidential primary, according to a Monmouth University survey released early Tuesday.

The poll shows Bloomberg and Sanders tied in the Old Dominion at 22 percent, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden at 18 percent. Only one other candidate, former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg registered double-digit support in the commonwealth at 11 percent.

Virginia is unique in that he bought the elections in the state and the officeholders are beholden to him.

Fascist Bloomberg is even weaponizing AG offices to destroy fossil fuels. They owe him too and will work hard on his behalf.

The billionaire launched his campaign in late November but has worked his way into the top tier of candidates in states that hold their primaries and caucuses on and after Super Tuesday through extraordinary spending and advertising.

Bloomberg has so far spent an astounding $417 million to win the presidency and we still haven’t seen him tested before the public. He has no donors and no constituency other than himself.


On ‘Tucker‘ last night, independent journalist, Michael Tracey, describes Bloomberg’s governing agenda as a “hyper-corporatized, smug, surveillance state cultural liberalism for which there is no constituency on a mass scale in the national electorate.”

Bloomberg, who stated publicly in the past that he could not win, knew he wouldn’t “win on the strength of his political convictions because they’re completely ugly, and alien, and despicable to much of the country, so what has he done,” Tracey asked rhetorically.

“He’s had this vociferous focus purely on bashing Donald Trump because there is a constituency for that,” he continued.

So, instead of campaigning, or doing anything democratic, he’s putting together sleek ads to go after Trump on petty issues for that constituency. There is an electorate that doesn’t care about issues or the differences between Bernie Sanders or an Elizabeth Warren or a Joe Biden. They just desperately want to beat Trump. Bloomberg tapped into that.

So, Tracey concludes, Bloomberg is “flooding the daily consciousness with these tedious ads that are market-tested to pressure emotional buttons. That’s what he’s doing and it’s paying off…This is the most brazen, oligarchic, intervention in the history of American electoral politics and it’s not even close. It’s hugely disturbing.”

He added that “if you are on the right or left or anywhere in between, you should be incredibly alarmed here.”


The alternative appears to be Bernie Sanders who wants to turn America into a socialist welfare state and upturn all pillars of society.

Bloomberg is not running on ideas nor does he discuss policies Americans care about, he’s buying voters and subverting our democracy with cash.

Bloomberg has spent $417 million of his own money on ads alone and he’s rising in the polls. Bernie, by comparison, spent $40 million, and Joe Biden spent $12.3 million.

Bloomberg has over $60 billion and he can suffocate all opposition and seize power. Our ruling class is fine with this, Tucker believes.

It’s making America unstable, with the rising inequality of rich and poor, but they don’t care. We have never seen anything like this. Trump ran on ideas people like and care about. Bloomberg doesn’t care what people think and will simply buy us.

Democracy doesn’t break when voters choose unwisely, Tucker says at the end of this clip. The last part of the sentence was cut off, but this is what he says after that: “Democracy collapses when what voters want becomes irrelevant.”



This is why his interview on Firing Line is so important. It shows his thinking. He is the benevolent know-it-all who will rule you like an intolerant oligarch with no regard for your views or the Constitution. Listen to what he’s saying — President Xi isn’t a dictator and he cares about his people.

The Chinese have no rights, but that’s fine.

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