Boston Unveiled Their Statue of Liberty – That’s One Name for It


This sculpture, called The Embrace, is dubbed the Boston Statue of Liberty. It commemorates the love of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott. The moment depicted was taken from a photograph of the couple embracing upon news of MLK Jr. winning the Nobel Peace Prize of 1964. It was a much-deserved honor.

The artist of the massive bronze statue is Hank Willis Thomas. He is a black artist.

Many people think it looks like something other than an embrace. It actually convinced me people in Boston have serious vision problems because they’re calling it beautiful. Perhaps I am just missing the beauty. With all due respect to the artist, I don’t like the embrace, and it’s 22 feet high in the Boston Commons!

This is a city that tears down beautiful statues of Founding Fathers and other historic figures like Columbus.

They tore down a statue of Lincoln freeing a slave in his namesake park because you can’t depict actual history.

They beheaded a statue of Columbus, who was vilified over fake history. A first-hand account by a saint called Columbus a defender of the Indians. According to the report, he only fought the evil tribe killing the peaceful Indians.

There were others, and they were more beautiful than The Embrace IMHO>

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