Prominent UK Cardiologist Believes mRNA Suspension Is Imminent


Prominent UK cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra firmly believed in the COVID-19 ‘vaccine.’ He even promoted it on TV. Then his father died suddenly from a cardiac issue after vaccination. After researching, he came to the conclusion that the vaccination contributed to his early death. Dr. Malhotra is now a staunch advocate of halting vaccinations until further research on the potential cardiac issues is conducted.

Dr. Malhotra has said, “We have the most overwhelming evidence you can have to talk about the link between vaccines and cardiac problems.”

He noted that “one study found people were more likely to get serious adverse events from the Covid-19 vaccine than to be hospitalized with Covid.”

According to the Guardian, fact-checkers say that is debunked. The Guardian is partially controlled by Bill Gates so one must wonder about his influence.

Recently, the BBC let Dr. Malhotra tell his story. It was the first breakthrough into mainstream media.

Dr. Malhotra now believes that a suspension of the mRNA vaccine is imminent, but no time for complacency. He said people must keep fighting for it. In any case, they shouldn’t be mandated.

This week, the CDC said that the ‘vaccine’ might be linked to strokes in people over 65 years of age. They have already admitted that it is linked to myocarditis in rare cases.

Even The Lancet has become a joke over politics. Joel Smiley said The Lancet has become a “laughing stock.”

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