Breaking! Zuckerberg discusses punishing whistleblowers (video)


The video shows CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Heidi Swartz, a top executive, talking about former Facebook employee and whistleblower Morgan Kahmann and what they intend to do about this problem they’re facing.

“When we find leakers, which we often do, we have zero-tolerance. So that means we fire them…We’re also continuing to investigate additional potential leakers, and we plan to take action there too. We’re also working on continuing to ramp up our investigative techniques as our company grows,” Swartz told Zuckerberg, who recently swung an election with his Zuckerboxes and huge donations to the Democrat leftist cause.


Swartz, who is Facebook’s Deputy General Counsel focusing on Employment Law and Investigations, downplayed the leaked documents Project Veritas released last week. She falsely claimed it was already public information.

“Project Veritas released a video last week alleging that they had uncovered a new effort to sensor vaccine concerns globally,” Swartz said. “It was based on leaked documents about a health integrity program that we have in place that combats vaccine hesitancy by taking a hard stance against vaccine information — misinformation. This isn’t a new effort. This is a program we’ve proudly spoken about publicly in our blog.”

Swartz’s statement is simply not true. Project Veritas showed that Facebook had secret plans to “tier” its users and was willing to censor comments that were “actually true events or facts” when it came to vaccines.

Facebook’s own internal documents showed their goal was to stop the vaccine debate, and not to stop solely “vaccine misinformation.” These crucial parts of the leaked documents were not listed publicly by Facebook, as Swartz affirmed in this video.

Zuckerberg and his staff really believe that what they are doing is fine. They are protecting us from ourselves. These people are authoritarians with a lot of power and a lot of cash.

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