BRICS Is Expanding Rapidly, Threatening the USD


Brics already represents a larger segment of the world’s population than SWIFT, and SWIFT is weaponized. More and more countries are joining as the West implodes. The West thought they were going to destroy Russia. The opposite is happening. The world is bypassing the USD, moving away from the globalists and DC. They are heading for a multipolar economic world and a more conservative, traditional existence.

The West is using Ukraine to defeat Russia, but most believe Russia will win. China is allegedly preparing for war with the United States at the same time. Judging from our past performance, we aren’t in a good position.

BRICS will be a powerful force in trade, and they will oppose the West. Countries seeking to join BRICS are de-dollarizing. About 60% of USD circulates outside the USA. With de-dollarization, America will experience hyperinflation as all these dollars are returned to the US. Anyone with USD will be left holding the bag.

India and Malaysia de-dollarized trade between them.

Is this why we are pumping dollars into Ukraine? To protect the liberal world order governed by DC? France just bought LNG from China in yuan. Brazil and China will trade with the yuan. Saudi Arabia is trading in yuan, and the list goes on.

The USD is falling.

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