Just Say ‘No’ to the Clearly Insane!


Rachel Levine (see below) lived most of his life as a man and had a family. He’s an adult who pretends to be a female; who cares. It’s his business. However, he’s pushing mutilating surgeries and powerful drugs on children with tax dollars. That is everyone’s business.

Telling Kids You Can Be Any Gender They Want Is Child Abuse

Transgenderism for kids is child abuse pushed by the worst people on the Left. Dr. Mengele lives! He’s in hospitals and other medical facilities where mutilations are performed freely, Dr. Mengeles become rich, and hospitals are flush with cash.

We tell children they can be any gender they want when they are innocent and impressionable. That’s transgenderism today.

We were told Trans wanted acceptance. We accepted them. Then they said they needed to use female bathrooms and locker rooms for safety, but that’s unsafe or unpleasant for most girls and women.

Along came the fake women athletes who are destroying women’s sports. They’re taking the heart out of it, which will only worsen. We end up with entirely male Lia Thomas taking all the college swimming titles, and he’s a complete fraud. The 6’4″ man is regaled, and all the real women are told to sit down, shut up, and like it.

We all must pretend this is normal and act happy about it, or we’ll be shunned, called nasty names, and canceled.

Pronouns, the incorrect grammar of the weird Left, are only invented to control us and force us all to play this macabre, insidious game of make-believe.

Tolerance does not mean we must pretend this is normal and leave children at their mercy. I’m old enough to remember when we protected children.

Butt-Kissing Doesn’t Work

Encouraging children with mental issues to mutilate their bodies or take powerful drugs we don’t fully understand is a terrible idea. Use your common sense.

No amount of butt-kissing satisfies the trans crowd. They think we’re committing genocide if we tell them to leave the children alone. They claim there is an epidemic of  violence against them and it’s not true. We have real victims of gender-affirming care, more aptly described as body mutilations.

Don’t tell them that people who disagree are committing genocide. Stop it.
Murder victims of the trans person.
There are two genders, male and female. Stop celebrating crazy.
We need more voices like those below, but they’re also getting slammed.

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