Brit Hume calls Boehner! Judge Napolitano exposed for egregious report


Judge Napolitano cast the blame for the Soviet-style impeachment hearings on John Boehner yesterday on Fox & Friends. We posted that story and the video because it was extremely questionable. The Judge made his comments as the hosts discussed the House Republicans who entered Schiff’s sacred star chamber the day before.

Napolitano appeared to be undermining the GOP for partisan reasons. For example, he criticized their action, saying, “this is just not the most effective way to show respect for what your colleagues are doing.” Meanwhile, how respectful has Schiff been between lying and hiding transcripts?

Then the Judge blamed John Boehner for the rules. That sounded ridiculous. We couldn’t recall Boehner making/signing any real changes to the rules on impeachment.

Napolitano said the Democrat rules were proper and legal. Then he claimed he read the House rules.

“I read the House rules,” Napolitano said.

Napolitano said that Democrats are operating within the Boehner rules, which happened under a Republican majority, adding, “the rules say this level of inquiry, this initial level of inquiry, can be done in secret.”

Fox News political editor Brit Hume didn’t think that sounded right and called John Boehner. As it happens, Napolitano was all wet.

“I just spoke to John Boehner,” Hume tweeted, “who told me that the only rules change he made was to allow committee chairmen to issue subpoenas on their own authority without committee votes.” He added that “no changes” were made to impeachment rules as Napolitano claimed.”

What Napolitano did is especially egregious because it was damaging, factually incorrect, and it appears to be a lie as opposed to incompetence. He has done this sort of thing over and over. He makes mistakes or lies, who knows. One thing is certain, he is not impartial and is no friend to Donald Trump and his followers, but, even so, the least we could expect is factual reporting.

Will he correct it? The lie, misinformation, whatever, is all over the Internet, especially on Twitter.

Napolitano has beclowned himself too many times. He’s apparently retiring soon, but it’s not soon enough. He makes Fox look bad with all this misinformation he spreads around.

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