Brittney Griner Finds Patriotism on Her Return to the Court


WNBA basketball player Brittney Griner found patriotism upon her return to the court for the first time after spending 10 months in a Russian prison for attempting to smuggle vape canisters with cannabis oil in her luggage.

The Russian court sentenced her to nine years in a Russian prison. She was swapped in December 2022 for the Merchant of Death arms dealer Viktor Bout. The administration left Marine Paul Whelan to rot in prison. Whelan is white, and Griner is black and gay.

Many American politicians and TV hosts, and even Russian TV, mocked the exchange. The Russians mocked the US for choosing the female lesbian drug addict over the Marine hero spy—their words, not ours.

The head of Russia Today, Margarita Somonyan, indicated Biden had a choice – the Marine, Paul Whelan, or Griner, but the Marine had three problems.

One, he is white, the second he’s a man, and the third, he’s heterosexual. She then insisted Whelan is a spy and an American hero who has been in prison for years.


Britney Griner, who wouldn’t let the national anthem be played at her games, had a change of heart.

“Hearing the national anthem, it definitely hit different,” Griner said. “It’s like when you go for the Olympics, you’re sitting there, about to get gold put on your neck, the flags are going up, and the anthem is playing, it just hits different.”

“Being here today…It means a lot.”

Hopefully, she means it and will keep meaning it. You shouldn’t have to get thrown in a Russian gulag to realize how lucky we’ve been in this country.

Not everyone is buying it.

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