BU Was Never Authorized to Manufacture Omicron Strain with an 80% Kill Rate


As we reported three days ago, Boston University produced a new more dangerous COVID Omicron strain. It has an 80% kill rate with eight mice. NIH says they didn’t have permission to do it. A director at NIAID Dr. Emily Elderbing said NIH didn’t know and it was not authorized.

Shouldn’t they close it all down now ? Will they?

Researchers combined the omicron variant spike protein with the original wild-type strain. They then found mice infected with only the BA.1 (Omicron) variant had mild cases and survived but with the new lab-generated combined variant it inflicted severe disease with an 80% mortality rate, Dr. Panda says.

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Deadly strain of Omicron

Gain-of-function medical research genetically alters organisms to improve the ability of a pathogen to cause disease or transmissibility, among other things. The United States funded gain-of-function research on Corona viruses in Wuhan China echoing the type of experiments many fear started the pandemic.

“It’s literally playing with fire,” Dr. Panda says.” It could spark yet another lab-generated pandemic. Imagine for a moment what would happen to the world if this genetically altered virus got out, accidentally or not. You have a mutant strain of COVID-19 which already is one of the most, if not the most, transmissible viruses ever combined with a mutation that causes a 80% kill rate. When researchers infected human cells with this lab-generated variant they found it was 5 times more infectious than Omicron. Probably the most contagious form yet. It’s not good folks.”

“The National Institutes of Health calls the experiments could lead “gain of function” in the virus gaining new or enhanced abilities, which can be “inherently risky.” They also said the experiments should have triggered a federal review.”

Why don’t they close the lab down, NOW! It has an 80% kill rate and they didn’t have permission to do it. Are medical labs now the Wild West?

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