California: $.47 per Gal. of Gas Increases Annually Till It Is No More


California’s already high gas prices could see an additional spike of almost 50 cents a gallon tucked inside a little-known draft report to meet the state’s aggressive emission reduction goal. They really want you out of your cars.

California’s gas prices are the highest in the nation, and the Bay area’s are over $7 a gallon. It’s their dream come true. They want to make gasoline so expensive that people will buy non-green EVs. Only that’s not realistic. Therefore, they get us out of our cars and will put us in 15-minute cities to make it work. They are expanding on their dream and considering raising the gas prices by 50 cents a gallon.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is the state’s regulating body charged with implementing the most ambitious climate action of any jurisdiction in the world: achieve carbon neutrality by 2045.

The Californians are hoodwinked and terrorized into thinking they have to allow this.

A preliminary report in September included potential price pass-throughs for consumers as the state moves toward its clean air goals.

EVs are not clean. They make us dependent on Chinese communists:

Next year, after the elections, gas prices will go up 47 cents a gallon, with similar increases annually to infinity.

“On average, from 2031 through 2046, the proposed amendments are projected to potentially increase the price of gasoline by $1.15 per gallon,” the report found.

They will hold a meaningless hearing, but so it is written, so it will be done. The authoritarians are gods, and all will obey.

As soon as Democrats have their one-party nation, we will all be Commiefornia. We will have foreigners who need handouts or criminals or terrorists making the decisions.

Not Much Concern for Residents

A vocal critic against tax increases in the Legislature, state Sen. Janet Nguyen (R-Huntington Beach), characterized the proposed hike as a “secret” tax increase, saying it would result in financial hardship for most residents.

“The astronomical taxes and price of everything from food to gas are driving people out of California. People are putting their rent on credit cards,” Nguyen told KTVU, adding. “So what does the state do? It imposes a secret 47-cent fee in addition to the state’s gas tax, so now we’ll be paying over $6 a gallon.”

It’s not so secret, though. You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out, but you do need to know English.

CARB claims it’s not a tax, and none goes to the government. It’s for the planet.

On Monday, AAA figures showed the average for a gallon of regular unleaded was $5.28, compared to the current national average of $3.61.

California isn’t worth it. Democrats ruined paradise.


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