California County Sheriff Cancels Day Patrols Over “Catastrophic Staffing Shortage”


If you live in Tehama County, California, and want to commit crimes, you have it made if you do it during the day. They have a “catastrophic” shortage of deputies.

Due to a “catastrophic staffing shortage,” over 65,000 people living in the county will not be protected. The sheriff had to stop daytime patrols.

Tehama has the highest violent crime rates in the United States. The county is 120 miles north of the state capital of Sacramento. Employees keep leaving.

The county’s most populated city of Red Bluff, has a violent crime rate higher than around 97 percent of the country.

The sheriff’s office released a statement where Sheriff Dave Hencratt admitted this was to “manage a catastrophic staffing shortage throughout the agency.” They don’t have enough staff to patrol around the clock.

Instead, the sheriff’s office will patrol the county that lies north of Sacramento near the Oregon border during the night hours, and the California Highway Patrol will respond to emergencies during the day.

A Facebook post from the sheriff’s office blamed county administrators and the board of supervisors.

“Most recently, staffing shortages in the custody division have forced the sheriff’s office to reassign deputies from the operations division to fill vacancies within the courts and jail facility,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a statement. “This unfortunate but necessary restructuring has left the operations division with insufficient staff to sustain 24-hour patrol services.”

Response times will be affected.

There are simply too many Democrats in Tehama County and too many criminals running amok. However, they finally gave deputies raises.

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1 year ago

The nice thing about living in a Bright Red State is the County Sheriff patrols the county to protect the criminals from The People. Here the Criminals would face swift justice if it wasn’t for the Sheriff and the Courts – and the Alligators would be much better fed. Most people here are Old Testament Christians – any eye for an eye or more like Sean Connery in the Untouchables. “If they send one of yours to the Hospital, you sent one of his to the Morgue.”

Unfortunately, The People living in California have no 2nd Amendment Rights and don’t live in a State where there is Law & Order. California is a weird Tyrannical Police State where The People are abused by criminals and these People seem to like it. I actually wonder if stores ring up what people steal just to make sure they don’t steal over the Legal Limit.

California Liberals remind me of New Orleans Liberals. When they are robbed, mugged, or just beaten up for the hell of it; they are thankful that they are still alive. When criminals do go to trial, juries won’t give out serious jail time and God forbid giving a cretin the Death Penalty. When you are dealing with rabid animals you treat them like rabid animals or you run the risk of being bitten by one and dying.

What the Sheriff should do is create a Volunteer Sheriff’s Posse, arm them to the teeth, and let them loose on the Criminals. Criminals are scared of armed citizens far more than police.