Russia, Not Ukraine, Investigated for Ukraine’s “Accidental” Missile Attack on Poland


“But let me be clear, this is not Ukraine’s fault. Russia bears ultimate responsibility as it continues its illegal war against Ukraine.”

– Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg

The latest news out of Eastern Europe is that Ukraine and Poland are investigating Russia as the guilty party after Ukraine launched a missile into Poland, killing two people on a farm. This isn’t satire. They say the cause of the Ukrainian “accidental” attack on Poland was Russian missile terror. Secretary of State Blinken is said to agree.

Ukraine still pretends they don’t know who hit the Polish farm. We all know Ukraine did, but they are going with lying at this point. the reference to MH17 in the next tweet is to a flight that disappeared over the sea and became the subject of conspiracy theories.

According to Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kuleba, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken agrees with him. It’s Russia’s fault.

They really want to start World War III if they can. They’re acting like madmen


It’s Thursday, and we’ve known for more than 24 hours that Ukraine sent the missile into Poland.  Despite that, warmonger Zelensky says he’s not sure about what happened. “I don’t know 100 percent — I think the world also doesn’t 100 percent know what happened,” he said. “We can’t say specifically that this was the air defense of Ukraine.”

We know for certain that Russia didn’t fire the missile into Poland.

Zelensky has tried to involve NATO in the Ukraine war since day one.

On February 17, 2022, Ukraine shelled Donbas, and then Russia attacked. According to Western media, the Ukrainian attack was just a “pretext” for Russia to invade.

Russia invaded, and that’s wrong, but they are not solely to blame. This war has gone on since at least 2014.

On Tuesday night, US officials were quick to leak that Russia probably sent two missiles into Poland, killing two people.  By Wednesday, Poland’s President Duda and Joe Biden said it looked like a Ukrainian S300 missile struck the Polish farm. The media talked about Article 5 and WWIII when they thought Russia did it. When they discovered it was Ukraine’s missile, they said it was just defending itself.

On Tuesday into Wednesday, Zelensky had demanded “action” from the West over the supposed brazen aggression against a NATO member.

Hitting NATO territory with missiles… This is a Russian missile attack on collective security! This is a really significant escalation. Action is needed,” Zelensky said in his Tuesday night video address.

The US wants to topple Vladimir Putin for some reason. That is the goal. What else explains this? We aren’t saving democracy by saving Ukraine. Ukraine is a dictatorship at this point.

Ukraine Demands Patriot Missiles

Ukraine has called on the US to provide it with ‘Patriot’ air defense systems, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said on Twitter on Thursday. The request was made during his phone call with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

“I am … convinced that the time for ‘Patriots’ has come,” Kuleba said, adding that the NASAMS air defense systems had already “proved their effectiveness” in Ukraine. The official said that he thanked the US for its “crucial defense assistance” but added that “deliveries of air defense systems to Ukraine need to be sped up.”

Ukraine’s top diplomat also stated that Moscow bears sole responsibility for what he called “missile terror” and its consequences in Ukraine, Poland, and Moldova.

That takes us to today. Ukraine and Poland are opening up an investigation into Russia after Ukraine struck Poland with a missile. They are still pretending Russia launched the missile or is responsible no matter who launched it.

George Washington Zelensky and his pals don’t care if they start WWIII. They simply don’t. Zelensky just keeps lying. He knows Russia didn’t send the missile into Poland.

We need to shed Ukraine ASAP before we end up in WWIII with a nuclear nation that’s more popular with Asia, the Middle East, most of South America, and Mexico than the US.

WWI started over a barely-known Archduke. Zelensky could start WWIII. We need to dump this war and Zelensky as soon as possible. He’s getting his countrymen killed, and we could be next.

Remember all the global leaders who had Zelensky address their parliaments, giving him standing ovations, and chanting Slava Ukraini? This is the guy they were chanting for. A serial liar who keeps trying to start WW3 by pulling NATO into the US proxy war.

— Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) November 17, 2022

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1 year ago

Slava Ukraini was the Bandera version of Sieg Heil. What once was two voting against condemning Nazis, now it’s up to 53. What does that say for the state of the world.
The OSCE confirmed a week long attack by Ukraine against the Donbass. The day before Russia entered there were over two thousand rockets and mortars on the Donbass, according to the OSCE. Surprising since OSCE was found to be involved with Azov in Mariupol.
You know something is fishy regarding the MH17. Supposedly the US has “evidence” it was Russia, but will not release the evidence. It was reported at the time investigators went to the site. They walked around for awhile, left and never went back. There was never a full investigation in the matter. Considering the attacks at the time by UAF it is more likely it was Ukraine who perpetrated the downing of the aircraft.
Here again the US is refusing to release surveillance data on the incident. One obvious question is how did missiles end up in Poland when the incoming were in the opposite direction. As adamant as is Zelensky leads me to suspect it was deliberate. No doubt he learned the US can target a family in Afghanistan and suffer no repercussions. So why not.

Mack Bolan
Mack Bolan
1 year ago
Reply to  Greg

You are so wrong and so uninformed. The proof that the Russian GRAD missile crew shot down the plane has been solidly established, and the members of that crew (identified by photos of the fleeing missile carrier and intercepted cell phone chats) have been convicted (in abstenia) of mass murder. The Dutch performed the most intense study, and reconstructed the recovered wreckage.

Air defense missiles cannot be target at ground targets. If they fail to intercept incoming targets they either blow themselves up (in the air) or fall to the ground and maybe blow up. The damage on the ground is far greater than an ADM can cause.

You are deflecting with you stupid Afghan comment.

You are obviously a Putin supporter, and in favor of the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine (then Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania to follow). That’s OK, you are entitled to your feelings, even though they are not based on reality (just like those Dem supporters here).

1 year ago

If Zelensky isn’t stopped, Putin will Nuke Kiev and dare Traitor Joe to do something about it with Missiles from both Russia and China on the Launch pads!

Mack Bolan
Mack Bolan
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

So you want Russia’s territorial expansion plans to be successful? Why should Zelensky stop fighting back against Putin’s invasion? Do you read history? Do you not recall how England allowed Hitler to annex half of Czechoslovakia to pacify him, hoping he would stop there? Putin has his eyes on retaking Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Would you let those be invaded as well?