Cali’s economy is fully shut down over 4 extra deaths on average


Historian and author Victor Davis Hanson was on The Ingraham Angle last night and a number of things she said stood out.

As he said, per capita, we are doing pretty well. To use this virus to transform the greatest economy we ever had is a mistake, Hanson explained.

Laura Ingraham noted that Cuomo said we will never go back to normal. Hanson said Mr. Cuomo doesn’t think the status quo is helping his agenda and the election.

The crisis has been weaponized and people are emphasizing the downside to push their agenda. Political correctness is silencing us.

California has the fifth-largest economy and less than 250 deaths. Still, they shut down the economy completely.

Read what he said, or watch him, this quote comes at the end:

“Laura, I’m sitting in a state that’s the fifth largest economy in the world that’s completely shut down. And we’ve suffered less than 250 deaths. So we have about 3 million people, 3 people per million that have died. We have twice the population of New York and we’ve suffered one-tenth the deaths and one-twentieth the deaths on a per capita basis. And so this one size fits all is absolutely insane. There are individual conditions. Many of which we don’t know, but we do know the results and California should be treated in a different way than New York City. And that means that we could have a graduated return to some type of normalcy. And, because, we don’t shut down the greatest economy in the United States in California because we have have 3 people per million die and that’s just a fact of life when we have 760 people in California dying every day and during this crisis, we have about four extra on average.”


One size fits all doesn’t work.

The models that caused us to shut down the nation are wrong. Dr. Fauci has been wrong repeatedly. He said 100,000 to 200,000 would die after saying 2.2 million would die. Now he’s saying 84,000. They keep changing the models to fit reality. The models are wrong, yet we are destroying the economy over it. These are just as reliable as the models they are using for climate change/global warming/the weather.

He said we have to keep everything shut down until there are no new deaths for a period of time. That’s absurd.

Dr. Fauci, as bright and as nice as he is, can be fallible. In fact, he said on January 21st that the virus was nothing to worry about. He listened to the Communists and to WHO — they lied. He is still listening to them.

Democrats seem happy with the economy shut down. Why is that, do you think?

Here’s a voice of reason:



  1. In a few short weeks and days the entire conversations have been changed. It’s the silver lining of the CCP Virus attack on the US and the West. Perhaps, its the law of unintended consequences working to save the West from its own venality and materialism. Confirmation bias is a sweet drug, and CCP Virus is the gift that keeps on giving. Open Borders? Bad idea. Closing borders? Apparently easy. Relying on foreigners for all your goods instead of producing them yourself? Never imagined that could go wrong. Strong governments are way better at crisis management than indecisive Liberal Democracies? Who’d have guessed?

  2. Mr. Hanson, I’m not sure what part of California where your are residing. It must be one of the urban areas.
    Here in the Sacramento Valley agricultural area, are workers are not shut down. I believe our grower shut the work force down for one day; so they could decide how to continue growing the food that everyone needs. The workers are now going about their work in a CV manageable way. The small towns are hit very hard however because all the business’ are shut down. We have had ONE CV in the county and no deaths by CV. Lets just pray that agriculture does not shut down. We in the area know how to grow our own food; so we will manage, but, if our workers have to leave the fields, then the people in the urban areas will see that food does not originate in the grocery stores.

    • VDH lives in the Central Valley and is a lifelong farmer whose family has farmed there for generations. Just FYI 🙂

    • yes, and that TRUCKERS need to deliver it from farm to market. It seems people at the distribution centers that play games while unloading trucks (as in make you wait 8 hours and NOT let you use a bathroom) don’t seem to realize that.

  3. Sitting here in Los Angeles, CA watching the carnage of the economic shutdown. Victor is 100 percent correct in my view. Open the economy back up.

    The government bureaucrats and employees who shut it all down are all getting paid 100 percent of their full pay and benefits. ALL of them, no exceptions. They’re in a bubble completely insulated from the consequences they impose on the rest of us in the real world.

  4. A model is a software program with a predetermined outcome to justify the designers opinions. As with the CDC it was decided this WV was worse than we can imagine and the model to prove it was designed taking little into consideration of the affected public. Another further example of “garbage in, garbage out” special interest program designed to glorify it’s author.

  5. And when is Trump going to grow a pair and do what he knows has to be done rather than just let Fauci play Wormtongue to Trump’s Théoden? — The little libshts continue to enable China walking all over us while the libsht media crap all over every Trump supporter that placed him in a Whitehouse that he is now seemingly under house arrest in –What gives here?

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