Canada bans gatherings to stop “misinformation,” It’s not about health!


Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), was arrested last Friday after speaking at an anti-lockdown protest in St-Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba. He was arrested for violating provincial health orders, which prohibit indoor and outdoor gatherings on both public and private property and mandate 14 days of self-isolation for anyone entering the province.

He was sent a letter in advance advising him that he was not allowed to what was a small rally. Canada is talking about vaccine passports.

Canada is banning gatherings, not for health, but to reduce a “misinformation campaign.” Canada is a totalitarian nation under Trudeau:

Ar arrestable offense:

The officials wanted to silence him:

He talked about his arrest. To get out of jail, the government demanded he no longer speak about the lockdown or vaccines, and not use social media, and other conditions. Mr. Bernier agreed to pay a thousand-dollar fine but with no conditions. The government agreed.

The police who arrested him were not from the area. He was incarcerated in an 8×8 foot cell with a toilet in the middle and cameras everywhere.

They played games with the fine. First, they said he had to give cash. Then they said they couldn’t take cash and brought it to Winnepeg and came back to release him. The officials just wanted to keep him in prison longer.

They wouldn’t give him anything to eat, and he was jailed for about ten hours.

He was told not to go back to Manitoba but he’s going back to fight the anti-constitutional rules.

The Canadian officials allow Black Lives Matter rallies but not rallies by conservatives. Sound familiar?

He appeared on Tucker but not one Canadian outlet was interested in his story. The media is cut & paste leftist activists. He believes the government is doing what they are doing to control the population.

Mr. Bernier fears this will happen again if they don’t fight these draconian rules and lockdowns.

This is some of the information they don’t want out:

Watch This:

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