Canadians Cheer on Trucker Protesters en Route as the Left Cancels Them


Starting tomorrow, the unvaccinated in Quebec will not be allowed in retail stores over 1,500sq meters. Unvaccinated individuals who want to go to a pharmacy in a Walmart or Costco will need to be accompanied by an employee, as per the government decree. 

~ COVID Insanity

While Canadian media and politicians demonize the truckers, calling them terrorists and putting their funding in jeopardy, the people in the western portion of the state are cheering them on as they drive past.

Truckers are fighting for freedom as the rulers tighten the mandates over COV.

One trucker asked for help on Twitter. He wanted people to notify GoFundMe and explain they aren’t terrorists. Leftists are trying to get them canceled. His page has been removed.

Still, the people are cheering them on:

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