Candace Owens Rights a Wrong for Officer Fired over a $25 Donation


Candace Owens, who works for The Daily Wire, took on the case of former Norfolk Police Officer Lt. William Kelly who was fired for anonymously giving $25 to Kyle Rittenhouse’s fund with a kind note. A hacker outed donations on the Christian crowdfunding site, Give Send Go. The Guardian, without consideration for journalistic ethics, took the criminal hacker’s information and posted it. They hurt a lot of people, but Lt. Kelly’s was perhaps the most blatantly egregious wrong.

Lt. Kelly said he was dismissed for posting on social media which he did not do. He posted on an anonymous crowdfunding site.

The officials who fired him said he was acting as a spokesperson for the Norfolk Police, but he contributed anonymously, according to the former lieutenant.

Additionally, Lt. Kelly told Tucker during an interview in mid-November, “They said I broke policy in that I acted in a manner inconsistent with the city’s values. And finally, they said that I engaged in conduct unbecoming a police officer.

He said he has the support of the men in the department.

His GiveSendGo fundraiser wasn’t taking off but then Candace came along. She wrote on the page:

Hey guys— it’s Candace Owens. By now you know there is nothing I hate more than media lies and its corresponding mob justice. Perhaps some of the greatest media lies over this last year, were pertaining to the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

Ruthlessly smeared and libeled as a White Supremacist, the media became obsessed with pushing their lies about what happened in Kenosha that night he ran for his life— so obsessed, that they even stalked, harassed, and punished those who supported the truth.

Former Lieutenant William Kelly was one such man who was punished for siding with the truth. When left-wing hackers released the details of those who anonymously donated to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund last year—Lt. Kelly’s name was among them.

The Guardian—the despicable left wing rag of a publication— released his name to the public which led to Lieutenant Kelly being fired and publicly humiliated by the Norfolk Police Department in April of this year. He donated just 25 dollars, anonymously.

Kelly is a 19 year veteran and a father of three. That did not matter. He made the contribution anonymously so as not to draw attention or association to the police force. That also did not matter. His spineless police chief, Larry Boone, a radical BLM supporter who attended BLM rallies in uniform— allowed the double standard of his firing to occur because to Boone, delivering mob justice mattered more than siding with truth.

Since his dismissal, William “Bill” Kelly has been surviving on his savings and his wife’s teacher salary.

This is unacceptable. The routine threats, lies, and duress that our police officers nationwide are made to face to satisfy the black lives matter radical narrative cannot continue.

All police officers have a right to privately support issues and causes they care about in their off-duty time. In this particular circumstance, Lt. Kelly was supporting the truth.

Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent. So is Lieutenant Kelly.

Candace has been able to raise $255,353 for him. The campaign is now closed.

What Lt. Kelly wants most of all is his job back and it’s hard to believe that hasn’t happened yet. The man who would be his new boss marched with the communist Black Lives Matter and he was promoted. Shouldn’t the new chief recognize this disparity and hire him back? He can use it to sue the city should his grievance not get his job back.

This is the note that accompanied his small ANONYMOUS donation to Kyle: “God bless,” he wrote to accompany his donation. “Thank you for your courage. Keep your head up. You’ve done nothing wrong. Every rank and file police officer supports you. Don’t be discouraged by actions of the political class of law enforcement leadership.”

William Kelly was guilty of free speech and wrongthink. And what’s not to love about Candace Owens?


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