Captain Mendoza Admits Violent, Unidentified, Trained Agitators Incited J6


Capitol Hill police Captain Carneysha Mendoza, who was at the Capitol on January 6, admitted under oath that there were trained, violent agitators coordinating with one another and who incited the crowd. No matter their political persuasion, these people need to be brought to justice.

Captain Mendoza

Writing on American Greatness, Julie Kelly posted a stunning admission by the Captain.

One of the Capitol Hill police officers injured on January 6, Captain Carneysha Mendoza, a tactical commander for U.S. Capitol Police at the time, gave some startling testimony on Wednesday. She testified how a group of agitators destroyed security barriers and lured people to Capitol grounds that afternoon:

Defense Counsel Brad Geyer: Isn’t it true that you had a lot of people, a large quantity of people walking down two streets that dead-ended at the Capitol?

Mendoza: Yes, sir.

Geyer: And would it be fair to say that at least at some of the leading edges of that crowd, they contained bad people or provocateurs; is that fair?

Mendoza: It’s fair.

Geyer: Dangerous people?

Mendoza: Yes.

Geyer: Violent people?

Mendoza: Yes.

Geyer: Highly trained violent people?

Mendoza: Yes.

Geyer: Highly trained violent people who work and coordinate together?

Mendoza: Yes


We don’t know if these people were all Trump supporters. Americans need to know.

Attorney Joseph McBride, who represented several J6 defendants, identified at least four agent provocateurs. One appeared to be law enforcement, interacting with other law enforcement. He passed out mace and other weapons like hammers and sledgehammers to the crowd.

The leader of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police, John Catanzara spoke out the week of the riot about the crowds at the Capitol. He said it was largely pro-Trump demonstrators who were frustrated the election was stolen.

However, the union leader said people should be ashamed if they believed the crowd was 100 percent supporters of the President.

“To think there’s not a possibility that Antifa did infiltrate–even a handful of them in that crowd,” Catanzara said. “To make the optics look bad.”

We know that radical leftist John Sullivan was standing next to Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt, when a Capitol Hill police officer murdered her. Oddly, as the officer pointed his gun and rioters broke the window to the hall, officers near the chaos coincidentally left. Also, Sullivan and a CNN reporter are on top encouraging people to bust into the Captiol. When mobs followed them in, the reporter said, “We did it.”

Ray Epps was clearly a provocateur and was never charged. Some believe he was acting as an agent of the government as he aggressively told people to go into the Capitol on January 6 and the night before.

There were others, one who broke windows while disguised in black and never identified.


Captain Mendoza stated under oath that a coordinated, experienced group of agitators engaged in much of the mischief early that day. Mendoza also acknowledged those same individuals “pushed through barriers, removed barriers, threw barriers over the side, removed fencing, and eased the flow of people into places where they shouldn’t be.”

The government has hidden the role of some unidentified and uncharged agitators – why?

Speaker Kevin McCarthy is interested in releasing the hidden 14,000 hours of footage. All we have seen so far is footage cherry-picked by Democrats. Footage by people at the Capitol has been largely removed from social media.

For better or worse, Americans need to know exactly what happened that day.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

My hunch is that Mc will prove he is not a man on the videos.

1 year ago

This expert testifies that there were instigators active in the riot, yet I haven’t seen anything about this in the MSM.

1 year ago

Many hours of video have not been shown and the J6 committee rendered decisions with a lot of evidence not considered. Time to trash the J6 results and review the entire evidence with a proper committee doing it!!!!

Michigan J Frogg
Michigan J Frogg
1 year ago

Mendoza also acknowledged those same individuals “pushed through barriers, removed barriers, threw barriers over the side, removed fencing, and eased the flow of people into places where they shouldn’t be.”’
Doesn’t this also mean that the CP who opened/removed barriers are also part of the ‘agitators’?