Captured! Soho Karen in jail in California


“Soho Karen” Miya Ponsetto, who accused a black boy of stealing her phone, and tackled him in a hotel, has been captured in Los Angeles. Maybe she did something else we don’t know about, but this is what we know. She lost her temper and behaved badly. She needs some crisis management.

She thought the 14-year-old son of jazz trumpeter Keyon Harrold stole her iPhone which she apparently left in an uber.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and the NYPD arrested the 22-year-old Ponsetto in Ventura, and she is expected to be charged with attempted robbery, law enforcement sources told The Post.

She didn’t try to steal anything. Ponsetto tried to get the phone she thought was hers.

Ponsetto is scheduled to face a judge Friday before being extradited to New York, the sources said.

The NYPD had issued a warrant for her arrest and detectives recently traveled to California to question her about the attack.

Apparently, she resisted arrest. They tried to pull her over, but she kept driving and went home. Then she had a temper tantrum.

She is in jail and will be returned to New York for trial. Then LA will decide if they are going to charge her with resisting arrest. LA is the county where DA Gascon won’t charge criminals with crimes, especially misdemeanors.

The police are going to pick her up from jail in LA where she was captured, a city where people don’t go to jail for crimes to take her back to another city where people don’t go to jail for crimes.

It will soon get to the point where you can’t look cross-eyed at a Black person.

Ms. Ponsetto is Puerto Rican, but they considered charging her with a hate crime.

So, there you have it, felons go free and brats go to prison. Don’t you feel safer now? The cancel culture won’t be happy until she’s destroyed. They are the ones who tracked her down and they are the ones who demanded she serve a prison sentence. Virtue signaling knows no end.

We imagine the Harold family plans to sue.

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