Carpe Donktum responds to making it to Biden’s enemies list


Carpe Donktum is very flattered that he made Stalin’s, I mean Biden’s enemies list as an influencer who radicalized the 1-6 rioters. He is willing to put his energies into Biden’s direction. We would love that.

Carpe recently won a lawsuit filed against him by loons for this video below. Be forewarned, this man is a potential terrorist (sarcasm):

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Zil Trabant
Zil Trabant
10 months ago

He will be airbrushed out of all photos. Mentioning of his name is a crime against the state punishable by hard labor in the corporate sweatshop err I mean gulag.
Only true believer comrades of the Long March to burn it all down will have person status in the glorious New Man Utopia.
Forward! Yes we can.