CDC Called for Boosting Kids Without Evidence – Make It a Clinical Trial


Dr. Marty Makary, Professor of Medicine at John Hopkins School of Medicine, joined Clay and Buck on their show this afternoon saying that he and other experts around the country found that Americans just want honesty on the COVID mess.

“Just shoot it to ’em straight. You don’t have to be parental and say, “Don’t ask questions. We didn’t go through our normal process at the FDA, ignore these complications.” People just want it honest.’

Dr. Marty Makary
The CDC Undercounts Infections And Adverse Effects

Dr. Makary said that as of February, about 75% of Americans had COVID. “It’s probably 80% to 90% now. In seniors, it’s well over 98, 99%. The problem is that the FDA is meeting right now and about to vote on vaccines in kids under 5, down to six months of age. And they’re ignoring the fact that 75% of those kids had COVID as of February so it’s probably 80 to 90% now. So there’s this bandwagon effect, and here’s what they do.”

“They undercount infections because they’re just looking at the confirmed cases. We know there’s 20 to 50 cases for every one that we got documented with the CDC. They’re undercounting infections that make the infection fatality rate look more dangerous, and they undercount vaccine adverse events which makes the vaccine look safer than it really is.”

“Without those two numbers, how can anyone make an honest recommendation on vaccinating a healthy young kid? Ask someone who’s pushing vaccines in healthy kid: How many healthy kids have died of COVID? They can’t tell you. How many healthy kids have had an adverse event to vaccines? They can’t tell you. So how are we pushing this with such vigor?”

Boosting 5-11-Year-Olds Is Based on a Study That Did NOT Prove It Worked

Dr. Makary has an article up in Newsweek,   “Why People Don’t Trust the CDC.” In it, he talks about the process recently of CDC recommending covid-19 booster shots for 5- to 11-year-olds.

“When they recommended the booster, they cited a small study Pfizer study of 140 children that showed boosters elevated their antibody levels—an outcome known to be transitory.”

“When that study concluded, a Pfizer spokesperson said it did not determine the efficacy of the booster in the 5-to-11-year-olds. But that didn’t matter to the CDC,” Dr. Makary wrote.

In the article, Dr. Makary writes, “The one dissenting vote came from Dr. Keipp Talbot of Vanderbilt University, who courageously said vaccines, while extremely effective, “are not without their potential side effects.” She questioned the sustainability of vaccinating the population every six months. Many experts agree with her, but they don’t have a platform to speak. In fact, nearly 40 percent of rural parents say their pediatricians do not recommend the primary vaccine series for children. Those pediatricians were not represented on the committee.”

“The CDC has a history of appointing like-minded loyalists to its committees,” Makary said.

It’s a typical bureaucracy with one exception.

Dr. Talbot also said, ‘If a kid has a comorbid condition and has not had covid, I would encourage vaccination. But if the kid has an immunosuppressed condition — a special disease, the kid is somehow massively overweight and has something called the metabolic syndrome — get the kid vaccinated if they haven’t had covid. For healthy kids, I don’t think there’s a compelling case out there right now.”

One “expert” said we have to vaccinate them to find out if it works. So, we are indeed guinea pigs and so are our children.

“Exhibiting classic medical paternalism, committee member Dr. Oliver Brooks of the Watts Healthcare Corporation said “I think may is confusing and may sow doubt,” adding “if we say should more people will get boosted versus may, then we may have more data that helps us really define where we’re going.” Dr. Brooks was essentially suggesting that boosting in this age group would be a clinical trial conducted without informed consent.”

Coming, the 9/11-Style COV Response Commission by Non-Bureaucrats

Dr. Makary and other experts around the country are organizing a kind of 9/11 Commission assessment on the pandemic response.

“ Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff and several people who have been following covid closely with an independent scientific objective mind we got together and we are putting together this document.”

Clay asked Dr. Makary about Justin Trudeau getting COVID for a third time although he’s vaccinated.

The doctor said, “We’re still using the Wuhan-strain vaccine. What we should be doing if we want to give people a booster or there’s a new variant yet to come, is they should be getting Covaxin, which is a vaccine that’s very effective. It’s traditional, it’s an inactivated vaccine, an inactivated virus that gives you protection to the entire surface of the virus not just the spike protein.

“But it’s been sitting at the FDA for six months as if the FDA does not want it to be out there. So we’re given probably the wrong vaccine. Omicron will land in your nose and replicate fast and give people symptoms before the immune system kicks in. That’s why it gives a mild common cold-like illness or sore throat to most people. You can get a thousand vaccine doses with the Wuhan-strain vaccine; it’s not gonna protect you against that.”

Vaccine Fanatacism

Dr. Makary explained the vaccine authoritarianism.

“ We’ve got vaccine fanaticism. You’ve gotta be either pro or anti. If and if you’re not on the bandwagon… You know, I’ve been told by people that if you say anything about natural immunity, it could result in some people choosing not to get the vaccine. So we have this sort of McCarthyism right now in medicine where people are saying where people are saying, “Don’t talk truth. Just get on the vaccine bandwagon and talk about it until you’re blue in the face and get the whole world vaccinated as many times as possible.”

The vaccine doesn’t keep anyone from transmitting COVID. Only natural immunity does that.

“A study last week in the New England Journal of Medicine again showed natural immunity is more effective and comes out on top. We don’t want people to get the infection, but that’s why we’re seeing cases in protection change. We’re seeing the dynamics change where hospitals are empty and people are getting protection against severe disease.”

How many times did Dr. Fauci and the CDC rule out natural immunity?

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