Chechen Leader Says Only “15% of the Entire Aid Reaches the Trenches”


The head of the Chechnya fighters Ramzan  Kadyrov said on his Telegram channel Sunday that he isn’t concerned about the nearly billions in weaponry, tanks, missiles, and cash heading for Ukraine and the Eastern countries.

“I see that some are worried about the foreign aid to Ukraine. Do not worry! This is a working money laundering scheme. Western and Ukrainian officials will embezzle these funds, and no more than 15% of the entire aid will reach the trenches,” he said.

Kadyrov also noted that there is no need to worry about hostilities currently happening on Russian territory.

“These are our regions, which opted to join our state for the sake of protection of their people from Satanist actions of Ukrainian and NATO nationalists,” he emphasized.

On January 6, the US announced a new aid package to Ukraine worth over $3 billion. According to the White House, the aid will be provided directly from the Pentagon reserves and will include Bradley armored vehicles, self-propelled howitzers, MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected) vehicles, air defense missiles, and other weapons and ammunition. That’s on top of the $45 billion in cash recently approved in the $1.7 billion funding bill.


Obviously, we don’t trust Mr. Kadyrov, but the Pentagon estimated that only 30% of the weaponry reached the Ukrainian fighters. We also know Ukraine has provided money laundering operations to the Western elite.

The one thing that should bother Americans in all this is the refusal of the Senate to provide any oversight. This could be because they know most of the cash and weapons don’t reach Ukraine. Why not provide oversight?

According to a CBS News documentary in August, 30% reach their destination. After Ukraine harshly criticized the documentary, Biden didn’t like it, and it was removed.

However, some have saved the documentary:

The Nigerian President has complained of the weapons pouring into his country into the hands of terrorists. There are videos and photos of the black market in Ukraine allegedly selling US weapons. Russia claims it’s happening.

We now have US soldiers in Ukraine, allegedly monitoring the trail of weapons.

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1 year ago

I knew Kadyrov was leader of the Chechen forces, and was instrumental in taking Mariupol, but what I wasn’t aware of is he’s also the Leader of Chechnya. When was the last time the Leader of a country went fighting on the front lines. It might be why he’s revered among his men and the people.

At one point the Russians fought against Chechnya and it was all because of infiltration of Saudi Wahabism. He states that form of Islam is wholly against the Muslims of Chechnya. Once that was eliminated the country was rebuilt, with the help of Russia, and is described as peaceful and prosperous. It is why the Chechen forces are so willing to fight in support of Russia, and are quite effective.

On the other side you have the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS fight with the Ukrainians. This makes people like Kadyrov even more diligent in the fight.