Sudden Excess Deaths Raising Alarms Someone Needs to Listen


I don’t know why young people are dying suddenly and why excess deaths have increased in vaccinated countries, but shouldn’t someone be looking into it? Where is our public health on this? They are telling us what language we can use or making ridiculous far-left films when their only mission is to protect public health – why?

Why are they ignoring the safety signals analysis? They had a secret censorship portal to Twitter and other social media to allegedly hide misinformation while ignoring real information.

As long as the CDC, FDA, the political elite, and Big Pharma speak as one, we are in trouble.

Go to Dead Man Talking by Joel Smiley on substack to watch this clip. The COVID vaccine allegedly saved millions of lives, but we have excess deaths no one has accounted for.

Or watch it here if you have trouble with the substack:
The following clips from January are anecdotal but it makes one wonder. Why did Joe Biden call for not recording autopsy results?

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4 months ago

I’m observing that Liberals are realizing their WOKE Government forced a slow acting Poison on them. They are slowly becoming terrified. The problem is that they are so conditioned they are looking for Government and Big Pharma to fix the problem. The Stupidity of the masses never ceases to amaze me because You Just Can’t Fix Stupid.

John adams
John adams
4 months ago

I think there are a lot of vaxed people shiteing their pants about now, but the fictional legacy media still won’t go there.

Reader mostly
Reader mostly
4 months ago
Reply to  John adams

We will remember their sacrifice. Every ten vaccine deaths are worth it if we can prevent 1 covid death, because covid death is bad.