Cheney ousted vowing to destroy DJT’s chances, RINO set to replace her


Liz Cheney was stripped of her leadership position in the Republican Party. She thinks it’s because she keeps trashing Trump but it’s much more than that. Cheney will not adopt the agenda and stop doing the Democrats’ work for them.

She gave an impassioned, nasty speech last night thinking that somehow that would change the results. It probably convinced more people she had to go. Cheney’s obsessed with destroying Donald Trump at the expense of the entire party. She’s torpedoing her own party with Democrat talking points.

After her ouster as the No. 3 House Republican was carried out in mere minutes in a closed-door meeting, a defiant Cheney told reporters that she would lead the fight to bring her party back to “fundamental principles of conservatism.”

It was a voice vote:

“We must go forward based on truth. We cannot both embrace the big lie and embrace the Constitution,” Cheney said. Cheney claims DJT has “no devotion to the constitution,” yet she has NO problem with Biden who acts like a dictator while pretending to be moderate.

It’s likely she won’t be re-elected and she will make a lot of noise. Bill Kristol has a couple of groups she can join. Will she launch a presidential bid? Perhaps, but she won’t have many takers. the most upset Republican is liberal RINO Adam Kinzinger, who seems to hate his own party.

Democrats, especially media, are upset that she’s gone. They finally found a Cheney they like.

She also vowed to prevent Trump from ever regaining the presidency, telling reporters: “I will do everything I can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office.”

As we said, she’s obsessed. Even though the impeachment was unconstitutional, she keeps claiming the constitution is why she’s targeting DJT.

In a statement issued after the vote, Trump personally attacked her, saying, “Liz Cheney is a bitter, horrible human being.” He added, “She has no personality or anything good having to do with politics or our country.”

Elise Stefanik was loyal to Trump during the impeachment and it is what many Republicans found inviting. She might replace Cheney. However, she did not support the Trump America First agenda. She voted against his tax cuts and she has a 17% rating on immigration with Numbers USA. Basically, she voted against the entire Trump agenda. It was more of a working man’s agenda. She’s a liberal Republican.

Representatives Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise endorsed Stefanik.

She is one of 147 Republicans in Congress who voted in January to try to block the certification of Democratic President Joe Biden’s election win to review the legitimacy of the results.

Stefanik, now 36, was the youngest woman ever elected to Congress when she first won her district, which had voted twice for Democratic President Barack Obama and had been represented by Democrats in Congress since 1993.

She had worked for establishment Republicans including former President George W. Bush and the party’s 2012 vice presidential nominee, former House Speaker Paul Ryan.

The conservative Club for Growth, which rates members of Congress, gives her a lifetime score of just 35% for voting in line with its priorities, one of the worst among House Republicans, and well below Cheney’s 65%. That has led some conservative House members to push back against elevating Stefanik.

“Her voting record is atrocious,” Representative Chip Roy said last week on radio’s “Erick Erickson Show.”

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