Cheney: Possible “Enhanced Criminal Penalties” for Trump


Liz Cheney, establishment hater.
“Enhanced Criminal Penalties” for Trump’s “Supreme Dereliction of Duty”

Rep. Liz Cheney, who co-chair’s the Jan. 6 Select Witch Hunt Committee, says they are considering recommending enhanced criminal charges for Trump’s “supreme dereliction of duty.”

Cheney is looking at his delay in telling the rioters to stop as the ‘supreme dereliction’. The rioters wouldn’t have stopped in any case.


Of course, “No National Guard” Pelosi isn’t being examined at all and is allowed to hide her correspondence from that day as the Trump haters on the committee come up with a “story” — a “narrative thriller” as Politico puts it. They were quoting anonymous sources familiar with the process.

The committee actually wants to tell a dramatic story so Americans understand and agree with them. They don’t want a typical report.

The Washington Post reports that the “House Jan. 6 committee is looking for high-profile journalists to write its report about the attack on the Capitol. They’re “hoping to build a narrative thriller that compels audiences and is a departure from government reports of yore.”

This entire process is to keep Donald Trump from running, banish conservative candidates and dehumanize Trump supporters. It’s a big job requiring “enhancements” for drama’s sake.

By the way, where was Speaker Pelosi during the riot? She’s responsible for security at the Capitol.

The woman who never did much about the violent communists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter is going after Donald Trump and conservative Republicans with a vengeance. She is doing the work for the establishment that wants to wipe out people they consider pests and fools.

She’s running a Beria-style committee and pretends she is worried about democracy dying.

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