Cheney Won’t Remain Republican If… Plans to Make Sure Kari Lake Loses


CNN reported that Wyoming ‘GOP’ Rep. Liz Cheney said at The Texas Tribune festival Saturday that if former President Donald Trump becomes the Republican Party’s nominee for president in 2024, she will not remain a Republican. She will also make sure Kari Lake loses, along with many other Republicans.

“I’m going to make sure Donald Trump, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure he is not the nominee. And if he is the nominee, I won’t be a Republican,” Cheney said.

She really should become a Democrat now. Why not be honest about what she is?


Cheney also said she would campaign for Democrats to ensure that Republican candidates who promote election lies do not get elected.

The vindictive witch of Wyoming said she would work to ensure Kari Lake does not become governor of Arizona. Cheney is a leading national voice now for far-left Democrats.

“I’m going to do everything I can to make sure Kari Lake is not elected,” Cheney said. 

Because Lizzie disagrees with Kari Lake that the election was stolen, she plans to take out Ms. Lake.

I am guessing she is jealous of the beautiful, smart, successful Kari Lake.

When asked if taking out election skeptics includes campaigning for Democrats, Cheney said, “Yes.”

She wants to make sure that every Republican who didn’t support her is destroyed.

Cheney said there are a lot of “bad policies” in the Biden administration but added, “I think it’s really important though, as voters are going to vote, that they recognize and understand what the Republican Conference consists of in the House of Representatives today.”

Cheney wouldn’t say whether she would run for President in 2024.

“It’s not about me or making a decision about what I’m going to do,” she said. “I certainly will do whatever it takes to make sure Donald Trump isn’t anywhere close to the Oval Office.”

On whether the House January 6 committee, which will hold its next hearing next week, will speak with Trump before its investigation concludes, Cheney said, “Let me say that any interaction that Donald Trump has with the committee will be under oath and subject to penalties of perjury.”


She wants to speak with Mike Pence and said executive privilege is “not absolute.” That’s code for she wants to destroy executive privilege if it suits her belief system. She really is a Democrat at heart.

Democrat enabler Cheney said the committee has not made a decision on whether to make a criminal referral to the Department of Justice based on the panel’s investigation, but when the time does come to make that decision, she believes it will be “unanimous.” We agree. They are all Trump haters.

Cheney was asked to share a memorable moment with her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, since the Capitol attack, and she shared that on New Year’s Day of this year, as she was leaving his house, he said to her, “defend the republic, daughter,” and she said it was a moment she will never forget.


We have to make sure Cheney, Pelosi’s ally, never gets into office as a Republican again.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

She is and will make as much noise as possible. I doubt these people changed much, I think they seized the opportunity of the January 6th hoax and tried to have a coup within the party to destroy the conservatives. It was a staged event planned by Intel and the RINOs were waiting in the wings to assist. Leaders knew what was going to happen.

(1) The police removed the barricades and ushered people in.
(2) Nearly all film is being withheld.
(3) Conservatives in the crowd (Jones and others) were yelling “fed” and telling people not to follow them into the building.
(4) The FBI had infiltrated the protest groups.
(5) Extra security requested by Trump was denied twice.

She is pompous. These people do not believe the election was fair or January 6th was an insurrection.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Another entitled brat. So sad!

1 year ago

Liz Cheney’s Career in Politics is over like her Father, Dick Cheney. I was renewing my Hunter Safety Certification recently and jokes about hunting with Dick Cheney were many. Think of it, A VP who is most remembered for carelessly shooting someone. Liz Cheney is still young and has great potential for doing something really stupid outside of Politics which she can be remembered by too!