Pfizer CEO Is Thankful For Vaccines After He Catches COVID Again


Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has COVID again, only 41 days after he had COVID. Of course, he is very thankful for all the vaccines and the boosters he had [that don’t seem to be working.

He had four, which means he didn’t get his fifth booster. Why not? The answer is he said he wanted to wait three months to receive his new bivalent booster since his previous COVID-19 infection was in mid-August.

Currently, the CDC recommends people who recently had SARS-CoV-2 infections consider delaying boosters by three months. A “low risk” of reinfection has been observed in the weeks to months following infection. Oopsie. That didn’t work for Mr. Bourla. The boosters probably didn’t work either since he had COVID in August after he received a booster.

The CDC recommendation:

Three weeks into the bivalent booster rollout, fewer than 2% of eligible people have received their bivalent boosters. It was tested on eight mice, who some reports say, didn’t survive. The US government paid for 171 million doses, but only 4.4 million people took the booster.

You get to foot the bill for another Joe Biden disaster.

Bourla also chatted up Paxlovid, which doesn’t work either.

In other news, Pfizer isn’t sharing COVID vaccines with other researchers for the next generation studies.

Moderna should be different since US taxpayers paid for much of their research. We would all love to see the actual success of boosters used on with mice, now deceased.

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