Republican Liz Cheney Is Trying to Take Out the GOP


In an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal, Cheney and far-far-Left Democrat congresswoman Zoe Lofgren planned the Electoral Count Act together.

They are using it to further the big lie that people can’t question a Democrat election.

“This raises the prospect of another effort to steal a presidential election, perhaps with another attempt to corrupt Congress’s proceeding to tally electoral votes,” Cheney and Lofgren wrote.

The bill guts the Electoral Act.

The vice president’s role overseeing the formal counting of the Electoral College vote will definitely be ceremonial if this is approved.

This follows the former President trying to convince Mike Pence, his then Vice President, to delay the approval of the electoral votes, given suspicions of a corrupt election.

Their revisions also increase the number of lawmakers in the House and Senate that need to support an objection before both chambers must vote on it.

Rep. Liz Cheney also told CNN she’s “very worried” about election deniers running for office in 2022.

“I think those people have all got to be defeated,” Cheney said.

“I’m very worried. I think those people must be defeated.” Cheney said during an interview hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper that will air Sunday. “The responsibility that we all have to make sure that we make sure we defend our republic and defend our institutions has to be above politics.”

The Republicans she’s trying to take out did nothing wrong, followed the Constitution, and took everything to the courts.

Cheney is trying to take out the entire Republican Party in November.

The soon-to-be-former Rep from Wyoming is a known liar, so you can’t take what she says seriously.

Cheney put herself above the Constitution with her Beria-like Jan. 6 committee.

She’s out for vengeance but is no longer of any value to the Republican Party. She’s done but seems to think she has the power to take out a party.

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