Chicago Teachers’ Union’s take it’s ‘racist to reopen’ charge to labor relations board


This week, the Chicago Teachers’ Union wrote in a now-deleted tweet that it’s “racist, sexist, and misogyny” to reopen schools.

It’s actually racist to leave the children at home — not learning.

The union isn’t done. Now they’re suing to keep the schools closed. This is child abuse.

The CTU filed an injunction, asking “the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board to halt the return to in-person learning until terms can be ‘determined by good-faith collective bargaining instead of by executive fiat.’” The CTU also said, “a strike isn’t out of the question.”

They don’t care about children at all. The teachers aren’t complaining about the union’s behavior so it’s safe to say they agree with this.

This is the first time school has opened since the pandemic began in March. The plan allows children K-8 to enter buildings. High school students will stay on remote learning. There are many safeguards in place.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports the union won’t accept it.

The union returned to the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board with the racism, sexism, misogyny charge on Monday, less than a month before teachers are expected to start returning to schools for the first time during the pandemic.

They are seeking an injunction to force more negotiations.

The Union’s demands:

  • PPE for teachers and staff
  • COVID-19 Screening
  • Contact Tracing
  • Testing and Vaccination
  • A nurse in every school
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Ventilation upgrades

The Union is ignoring science and exploiting COVID. They say striking is not out of the question.

Why do parents put up with this? It’s corruption.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

The teachers are zealots, members of the communist army, and they do not want to have to work hard. We have seen for many years that education results are not important.

Architecture Of Oppression
Architecture Of Oppression
2 years ago

Using the children as pawns wouldn’t surprise me as this union is just as gangster as the mafia.
They don’t care if they grow up to be wards of the state or serfs as they are selfish and have no regard for them.
Blue States will go bankrupt due to college loan debt and pensions. That is why Beijing Biden is floating the debt forgiveness turd.
It isn’t complicated, you took out a loan and you pay it back. It’s not the problem of society or the government that the gender studies degree didn’t pan out.
Thank God for Red State teachers how I love ’em and getting graduated just in time before it went full CCP/CPUSA was good timing.