Chicago Will Reward Some Illegal Aliens with $500 Monthly Checks


A Chicago-area guaranteed income pilot program will be open to illegal aliens who can apply for the chance to become one of 3,250 residents who will receive $500 per month in cash assistance for two years.

The only requirement for the program is that applicants must be adult residents of Cook County and make less than 250% of the federal poverty level – or less than $69,375 for a house of four, Fox News reports.

This is their reward for breaking our laws.

According to the program website, applicants will not be asked about their citizenship status.

So, people legally in Chicago have to support foreigners coming illegally. And the illegal aliens will write home and tell everyone they know to come to Chicago.

America is over.

Gov. Abbott and Mayor Lesser need to send all of their buses of illegals to Chicago, where they will be well-cared for in the sanctuary city.

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