Chilling! AG might seize AZ audit, Rogers says only if he wants to spend time in an AZ prison


As we noted yesterday, Attorney General Merrick Garland threatened states that audit their elections or change election laws. He will look for criminal violations. His intent is to scrutinize everything using the bottomless taxpayer purse to fund the effort. The AG is using the voter intimidation lie to back up his assault on states’ rights.

He doesn’t care that states changed their laws to favor Joe Biden immediately before the election.

Now, the constitutional attorney who is fighting for justice in voter integrity in Michigan says a source told him Garland is weighing two options: 1. shut down the AZ audit by seizing everything now or 2. allowing the results to be published. They are debating the anger of 72 million voters vs. the potential decertification of multiple states.

If this is true, it would be a serious abuse of power to seize the audit material and reports.

Garland is not happy that ten states are considering audits of the 2020 election:

This is what Garland said yesterday — retweeted by a state senator, Wendy Rogers:

On another interesting note, 51% of likely voters now believe cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential eleciton.

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