“China’s Puppet” Becomes The WHO’s Chief Scientist


Known as “China’s puppet,” Sir Jeremy Farrar was appointed chief scientist at the World Health Organization. Farrar helped to crush the Covid lab leak theory as a ”conspiracy” and favors lockdowns. The new WHO chief wants a re-ordered world that resembles Maoist China.

Puppet Jeremy Farrar initially believed ‘Wild West’ experiments might have sparked the pandemic. He quickly changed his position. He completely dismissed the idea the virus originated in the lab.

This individual now has one of the world’s most prestigious scientific positions.

Farrar is currently head of the UK’s most significant private research funding body — the Wellcome Trust.

Donald Trump called him China’s puppet.

Farrar will be interviewed under oath by the US congress over concerns he was at the center of a cover-up about the origins of Covid.

According to Daily Mail, he will be questioned on the record over his role in “apparent conflicts of interest” and “suppression of scientific discourse.”

The scientist also quietly assisted five scientists to write a commentary in Nature Medicine, stating that the authors “do not believe that any type of laboratory-based scenario is plausible,” Daily Mail online reports.

Sir Jeremy will take over at the WHO in the second quarter of 2023.

The Brownstone Institute reports that Farrar’s book,  Spike vs The People: The Inside Story is a 21st century Mein Kampf, a manifesto for the new world order.

A lockdown fan, he is the UK’s Tony Fauci. He’s basically a complete failure when it comes to medical advice.

Conservative Woman UK wrote:

Sir Jeremy Farrar’s advice to lock down the UK has proved to be cataclysmic for its finances. Office of National Statistics analysis shows an unprecedented drop in economic output as measured by gross domestic product (GDP), with government budget deficit spending running at a peacetime record of 15.1 per cent of GDP. The long-term cost to the UK economy of behavioural change and lost productivity, investment and educational opportunity is real but harder to account for.

The UK scientist wants a re-ordered world using the WHO to make it happen.


“My preference would be to streamline the architecture of global health with the WHO in the middle of the web, convening, advising, guiding, and providing an emergency response… Crumbs from the table will not cut it in the era of pandemics.”

“Just as you don’t wait until war has broken out to assemble and train an army, the radar must function continually,” says Farrar. He envisions an “advanced pathogen surveillance network” to identify variants and new pathogens. It was launched in 2021 as the Global Pandemic Radar.

Sir Jeremy wants mRNA vaccines in as little as a month’s time in everyone’s arms. That includes children.

Overseeing this new global health system would be a “truly independent monitoring board.” They will report directly to the United Nations Security Council or alternatively a new Global Health Threats Council. If it sounds Orwellian to you it’s because it is.

This is as The WHO is finalizing a totalitarian Pandemic Treaty that the West will blindly abide by. This will happen as Chinese Communists laugh at us behind our backs.

This Is Your Future, People

You can stand in line getting pneumonia while you’re tested for COVID by your masters.

You can’t go anywhere unless your government-controlled app tells you to go.

Your room service is impersonal.

You can wear this fine attire so you don’t get locked up by your masters.

Social credits for you!

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