Adam Schiff Claims Donald Trump Committed Crimes


Adam Schiff is a congenital liar; I’m sorry to say. The instances are too many to enumerate, but a few stick out. He was so chronically dishonest he was dubbed “Shifty Schiff.” Progressives called him their “rock star.” Shifty now claims the J6 panel has enough evidence to charge Donald Trump with crimes. He claimed that Donald Trump incited a mob to attack the Capitol.

DJT told the crowd to march “peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol.

The Representative from California was on TV regularly accusing Republicans, TV hosts, and Donald Trump, in particular, of committing crimes.  Schiff would say he had proof and never presented it. The lying prosecutor is following his old playbook.

Shifty Playbook

In 2016, he accused everyone of acting as a Putin stooge without evidence. No evidence showed that Putin was involved in the 2016 Wikileaks leak of John Podesta’s and Hillary Clinton’s emails.

In December 2021, when he read a text message from former Chief of State Mark Meadows during a Jan. 6 panel meeting, he deliberately misinformed the public.  He left out important context and put in an inappropriate period to make it look like Meadows demanded Pence overturn the election results.

In 2020, he suggested Rudy Giuliani collaborated with Russians. He had no evidence to back it up.

He hid exculpatory documents during his Russigate Star Chamber meetings. They showed there was no evidence Russians hacked the DNC. There was no Russia collusion despite him saying he had evidence. His Star Chamber had his coached witnesses, and he wouldn’t allow the opposition to speak without constantly interrupting. Schiff secured private phone records of Devin Nunes, John Solomon, and Rudy Giuliani without anyone knowing. It was unprecedented. His illicit committee was the model for the J6 committee, which did not allow due process, or lawyers and only allowed their witnesses. It was completely one-sided.

The then-chair of the Foreign Relations Committee is the Democrats’ Leventriy Beria who lies, twists reality, and criminalizes normal stump speeches. He’s adopted Beria’s motto: “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”

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1 year ago

President Trump should have had Adam Schiff and friends thrown in Jail for Espionage and Treason when he had a Chance.

I seriously doubt that the DOJ is dumb enough to actually indict President Trump. Discovery would destroy the Democrats. But Democrats have been pretty stupid in the past, who knows?