Chinese Communist Party’s Tragic Persecution of Australia


A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson posted a fake image on Twitter of an Australian special forces soldier slitting an Afghan child’s throat with its head wrapped in an Australian flag as it cradled a lamb.

It was a swipe at Australia’s investigation into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan. The latest faked story is that Australian soldiers killed 39 innocent Afghan civilians, with one slitting a child’s throat with a knife.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has demanded the Chinese government delete the “repugnant” and “falsified image” on Twitter.

China And The US Media

Ironically, CNN posted an article about the incident clearly taking the side of the Chinese Communists.

CNN is owned and operated by WarnerMedia, which has significant financial and institutional ties to the CCP. In June 2013, WarnerMedia announced it had forged a partnership with a Chinese investment fund to the tune of $50 million. The funding would directly invest in the China Media Capital (CMC), a media company with oversight from the CCP, meaning it is subject to censorship and other demands to push Chinese propaganda.

WarnerMedia considers China a “partner” in their economic and cinematic ventures.

The Image Remains on Twitter

More than a week later, the image is still up, the Chinese media piled on with further insults against the Australian government, and the tweet has garnered more than 70,000 likes as of this Sunday morning.

In May, CCP promised to decimate the Australian economy for joining 120 nations calling for an investigation into China’s role in spreading COVID-19.

They control many nations in the world economically, and our successive US administrations allowed this to happen. It was Joe Biden who got China into the World Trade Organization, where they wield their power. Not until Donald Trump has a US president taken China on.

China wants world domination, not just economically, but also militarily and worse than all of that, ideologically.

It was retweeted by Lijian Zhao, a China government account, and it is still up since November 29th.


Twitter, which regularly takes down conservatives and labels President Trump’s tweets misleading, loves this tweet. Twitter loves China’s propaganda, Iran’s, Venezuela’s, and so on.


Anne-Marie Brady is a Global Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center and professor in politics at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, specializing in Chinese domestic and foreign policy.

She reported at the Sydney Herald:

China is engaging in a “tongue war” against Australia, singling out and humiliating Australia as an example to other states. It has imposed punitive tariffs on Australia’s barley and wine exports while threatening further sanctions. In the past, Norway and Denmark were subject to this type of bullying. Currently, Sweden and Canada are also being targeted by China.

The Chinese government’s bullying in Australia did not begin this year. The fact is China has been freezing Australia out for a number of years and has done so on previous occasions. Each time the thaw has broken when it suited China’s interests to do so, and usually when Australia has been required to make some sort of a diplomatic kowtow.

Australia has tried to establish an equal relationship with China, but the Chinese Communist Party, especially the CCP under the leadership of Xi Jinping, does not appear to welcome this. In 2008, prime minister Kevin Rudd outlined what he thought a more mature relationship with China might look like, one where it was possible to “engage in direct, frank and ongoing dialogue about our fundamental interests and future vision.” This is the sort of loyal opposition relationship Australia has with other like-minded states. Yet, the Chinese government did not respond well to that speech, and the Rudd government was forced to back down.

In the last 30 years, successive Australian governments have tried to engage with China where possible while hedging against the risks. In CCP diplomatic terms, that would be called “looking for common points, while putting aside differences.”

Trade Dependency Grew Just As It Has In the USA

Meanwhile, Australia’s trade dependency with China grew and grew.

The Australian economy is now unhealthily, dependent on the Chinese economy. Thirty-nine percent of Australian exports go to China. Australia is the most dependent of all the Five Eyes states on imported products from China. Australia is also strategically dependent on China for 595 categories of goods, more than any other Five Eyes nation. In 2014, prime minister Tony Abbott defined Australia-China relations as characterized by “fear and greed.”

Under the Turnbull, and now Morrison government, Australia has followed a different approach to dealing with China.

The Turnbull and Morrison governments have passed a series of laws to defend Australia against systematic CCP political interference activities; they’ve taken a principled stand on matters that affect Australia’s international interests such as freedom of navigation in the international waters of the South China Sea through which the bulk of Australian shipping passes, and have asked for an investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak that unleashed the devastating global pandemic.

The Anti-China Lie

These governments have been accused by the CCP’s mouthpieces and domestic critics of being “anti-China.”

This is a standard political phrase (fan Hua in Chinese) used by the CCP to shut down any criticisms. No one labels governments “anti-US” when they speak up about concerns about the Trump administration.

The New Zealand government fears it will be next to attract China’s negative attention, and the New Zealand media jump at any indication of the Chinese government’s displeasure. The Ardern government is now standing publicly with Australia about the latest incident of bullying from China. It relayed its concerns about the use of the fake image with the Chinese government.

New Zealand is already in the crosshairs with China’s hate machine on social media condemning their support for Australia. Any of this sound familiar?

It’s part of the plan. They control countries economically, and any who waiver from their Maoist demands will be punished.

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