Christopher Steele’s Boss Didn’t Think Much of the Dossier


As reported, dossier creator Christopher Steele had a much more active role in pushing the dossier and the anti-Trump allegations to the D.C. journalist establishment. He worked closely with the late Senator John McCain’s longtime top aide, David Kramer.

They had a post-election plan to damage, destroy, perhaps stop the President.

Kramer obtained the Steele dossier through a middleman on November 29, 2016, and from there Kramer, instigated by Steele and the Fusion GPS co-founder, bombarded a dozen reporters with dossier material.

The dossier was opposition research paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Hillary Clinton Democratic National Committee.

This information came from a portion of the transcript from a defamation lawsuit by Russian entrepreneur Alesksej Gubarev.

That takes us to what Christopher Steele’s boss throught of the dossier.


His boss didn’t think much of the Steele dossier and called it overrated. He also wouldn’t say what he thought of Steele when he worked for him. If Steele was good, wouldn’t he have mentioned it?

Nick Short posted the transcript:

We should also mention here that Steele took some information in the dossier from a CNN blog. The contributions come from readers and none of it is fact-checked or verified in any way.

This also came from the same testimony.

Steele admitted that he used a 2009 report he found on CNN’s iReport website. He claimed he wasn’t aware that submissions to that site are user-generated, and aren’t necessarily reliable.

The Wahington Examiner reported that a web archive from July 29, 2009, shows CNN described the site as user-generated. Material is not fact-checked or screened, according to them. Steele didn’t even have the guarantee of the CNN fake news department.

Steele was asked if he’d obtained “anything of relevance concerning Webzilla.”

“We did,” Steele replied. “It was an article I have got here which was posted on July 28, 2009, on something called CNN iReport.”

What utter incompetence and unprofessionalism.

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