Chuck Schumer insults everyone who voted for Donald Trump


Divisive, despicable, and vile Chuck U Schumer, the Senate Majority ‘Leader’, doesn’t know why 74 million voted for Donald Trump, even as he supports a president who is not all there. His comments in the clip below are quite demeaning.

We want to know how 81 million voted for Biden. Actually, they voted for an Obama cabal. Those are the people running the White House. They hide behind Biden. It’s a perfect setup.

As an aside, Schumer’s on a mission to pass HR1/S1 which will destroy the United States by taking away our vote.

Watch this horrible man label Donald Trump a racist without any evidence:



  1. Do all the people who work for Donald Trump of various races consider him a racist?
    I remember a story on the radio of an African-American student working for Trump that was provided with his own private room after DJT saw him studying in a hallway on a mandatory work break.
    People who live in a cloud cuckoo burn it all down delusion will say anything to justify their evil mission.

  2. This lying, contemptible coward was NO WHERE to be found during the COVID Crisis and NYC riots. All that in spite of the fact police cars were being firebombed and senior facility death tolls were exploding within a few blocks of his Brooklyn Office.
    Chuckie chose to hide under his desk in D.C.

  3. When we take back the Government, there can be no forgiveness for Democrat Leaders and their friends who profited on the backs of the taxpayers. The Communist must go to the Gulags they want to put us into. The Communist Democrats really believe that America supports them. They refuse to believe that the hardcore Communist stole the election. We simply can’t allow people this out of touch with reality, who are destroying the country, off the hook. These people are truly dangerous sociopaths who will do anything to have power. We have seen what these people are capable of. Their Lock Downs have destroyed Millions of Families, small business, and have adversely affected millions of Children for the sole purpose of stealing an Election to take power. If you will steal an election, what won’t you do to stay in power?

    The 2023 Congress must amend the Constitution and repeal the 17th Amendment followed by a 5 term limit in the House of Representatives with only one term as Speaker. We have seen too much corruption by career politicians. Finally, there should be no pensions for Elected Officials, including the President. You should not become rich serving in Government.

    Since it’s being, Democrats have been the Party of Racism and Fascism. We must crush the Democrat Party and end racism in America.

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