Chuck Schumer is “proud” of the ‘protesters’ & what is going on


Senate Minority Leader thinks New York leads the nation and he is proud of what is taking place. He is proud of the protesters who relentlessly march. The man who condemns all right-wing protesters who are always non-violent, says most of the far-left protesters are non-violent. He gives them a great deal of latitude.

“I’m proud of New York, I’m proud of the protesters,” he said.

Schumer said the violence isn’t the overwhelming picture in New York, however, Black Lives Matter, criminals, and Antifa have run wild. They destroyed, damaged, or looted business after business, smashing windows everywhere they’ve marched.

The so-called peaceful protesters scream and spit at cops regularly and march willingly with violent people tearing up neighborhoods.

The protesters claim we are all racists and they want to tear down all pillars of society. That is what Schumer is proud of.


On June 2nd, as fires burned, cops were shot, and buildings looted, Schumer said the “peaceful” protests were “noble.”

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