Clown Show: COVID Czar Says US Needs to Pay to Jab the World


Biden’s COVID-19 response coordinator Jeff Zients wants the US to supply COVID-19 vaccines to the ENTIRE WORLD. Obviously, the cost is not a factor in his mind.

He was quite disappointed it wasn’t in the outlandishly expensive spending bill.


“It is a real disappointment that there’s no global funding in this bill. This virus knows no borders, and it’s in our national interest to vaccinate the world and protect against possible new variants,” Zients said Tuesday during a briefing at the White House.

No, it’s not in our national interest. What is in our national interest is to close off the border, not go to war. And we should start cutting the budget. What do you think?

Senators agreed to add another $10 billion in funding for the federal government’s COVID-19 response program. The COV money is widely used for more socialist giveaways as if printing fake money doesn’t take its toll.

“Without additional funding for a global response, we won’t have resources to help get more shots in arms in countries in need,” Zients said.


He said he’s out of money. Then Biden should stop using the money for other items on his wishlist.

He continued, saying that due to the lack of funding, the United States will be “forced to scale back” certain types of treatment such as oxygen therapy and other supplies to other countries, said Zients. “Our global genomic sequencing capabilities will fall off, and that undermines our ability to detect emerging variants beyond our borders,” he added.

The US already sent 500 million vaccine doses to over 100 countries so far.

He also said there would be no changes in international travel plans so mask up if you take a flight. The czar won’t lift the unnecessary mandate. The control freaks want to keep their foot in that door.

Zients is now leaving the job a year after he took it. He’s a Dr. Fauci tool. His deputy Natalie Quillian is also leaving.

He thinks the ‘President’s’ COVID plan is working:



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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
9 months ago

Zients is merely another well connected corrupt rich elitist participating in scams for personal benefit. That’s how someone with a political science degree gets to where he is. He has had lucrative positions in finance, is on FB’s board, now as someone with no scientific background directs medical policy. His job as covid czar expands his influence much, he will make many millions over it.

Notice that as he is leaving this position this month he advocates major spending on jabs, that will result in great personal rewards. The US can go broke but he will profit immensely. He stepped into this position for the purpose of setting himself up with more influence, he is leaving this month, personal mission accomplished.

He has formed health care investment firms cited and fined by the DOJ for corrruption:

Over the span of two decades, the health care companies that Zients controlled, invested in, and helped oversee were forced to pay tens of millions of dollars to settle allegations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud. They have also been accused of surprise-billing practices and even medical malpractice. Taken together, an examination of the companies that made Zients rich paints a picture of a man who seized on medical providers as a way to capitalize on the suffering of sick Americans. In the end, it seems to have all paid off.
Read more from the Revolving Door Project
The most egregious violation is documented in a 2015 Justice Department settlement announcement. Portfolio Logic—the investment firm Zients founded with his own money—agreed to pay almost $7 million to resolve allegations of fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid billing, involving a subsidiary (Pediatric Services of America Healthcare, or PSA) that it purchased in 2007.
According to the DOJ, PSA pocketed health care overpayments from the federal government instead of returning them, and even overstated the length of time they’d provided services covered by Medicare and Medicaid. PSA also asked for money from the Georgia Pediatric Program for a home nursing program without documenting any home nursing at all, according to the settlement.