Clown World: Fury Over Transgender Rule in Chino Valley


The Left in Chino Valley, California went wild when the district approved their new policy to inform parents if their child identifies as Transgender.

Parents need to know. It’s their child, not the government’s. It’s called “controversial,” and some in the community are infuriated.

CVUSD President Sonja Shaw told Washington Watch With Tony Perkins” she received a death threat from an anonymous call to the district.

“This person was going to kill me, and they said they were going to dismember my body parts, my limbs more specifically,” Shaw told the show on Monday…

“[Things like] ‘you’re going to die’ with other inappropriate words, ‘your children are going to die,’ and ‘your animals are going to die…’” Shaw continued, telling the show that those behind the threats noted the types of animals she has. Members of Antifa also “declare[d] war” on her, she said.

Antifa defines itself as an anarchist communist organization, and Andy Ngo reported that they have close ties to pedophile organizations.

The left calls it cruelty.

If the child is mentally ill and that’s the reason for the gender issues, the parents need to know. They can get the child help. It’s cruel to leave parents out. Forget this hogwash about the children not being able to be themselves. It’s a matter for parents, not the school.

This reaction from the authoritarian left is crazy. Watch the clip.

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