CNN calls Xi a”lone warrior,” spreads their propaganda — again


CNN, in an article titled, China has been trying to avoid fallout from coronavirus. Now 100 countries are pushing for an investigation, promotes Chinese propaganda, and dismisses the coalition of 122 nations who are calling for an investigation of the causes of the virus. The coalition just signed on to a European draft resolution.

CNN sympathetically describes China’s so-called president as a “lone warrior.” As part of Xi’s fight, he is threatening to decimate Australia’s economy.

This is how CNN phrases the threat:

That was met with an angry response from Beijing, which accused Canberra of a “highly irresponsible” move that could “disrupt international cooperation in fighting the pandemic and goes against people’s shared aspiration.”

No CNN, what they said is they would put impossibly high tariffs on Australia’s barley to decimate their economy. The little ole Sentinel found that information but apparently CNN couldn’t.

They also didn’t take exception to the fact that China will only accept a probe by [China-centric and corrupt] WHO.

Beijing has previously said it would only support an investigation held by the WHO, which has been accused of being overly influenced by China — a charge top WHO officials refute.

The outlet complimented WHO, of course.

CNN is also concerned China will be embarrassed.

Any highly critical report could have a potentially disastrous effect on China’s global standing, which has already taken a major knock as a result of the coronavirus crisis, with the United States, in particular, pushing a narrative that Beijing is to blame for the pandemic.

They go on to repeat all of the relevant Chinese Communist Party talking points. China admits local officials kept it quiet but, of course, the Chinese Communist Party responded quickly, even though they delayed.

It’s not China, it’s Trump and the USA who are the problem:

The suggestion that knee-jerk censorship or a deliberate coverup by Beijing enabled the virus to spread, first within China and then throughout the world, has been repeatedly and angrily refuted by Chinese officials. But this has nevertheless hurt the country’s global standing, with foreign politicians — particularly in the US but also in parts of Europe and the rest of the world — referring to the “China virus” or blaming Beijing for the chaos they are now dealing with.

The Beijing spaniel who wrote it goes on and on, but one thing seems clear, this goes beyond Trump hate. CNN hates America. They would sooner see China take over the world — and that is China’s ultimate goal — than stop accepting funding from them.


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