CO to give professional licenses to illegals, replacing legit Americans


Don’t doubt that the Left is replacing traditional Americans and legal immigrants with a more malleable population of foreigners because they are. Colorado is another case in point.

The sanctuary state of Colorado will allow illegal aliens to obtain professional licenses, funneling them into white-collar American jobs, taking jobs from American citizens. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg wants it and has been pushing for it.

Gov. Jared Polis (D) signed into law a plan that will give out professional licenses for jobs in education and health care, among other industries, to illegal aliens. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s has been pushing for this. Corporations are like nations now and they decide our future.


Colorado’s state agencies will not require an applicant to certify their legal status in the U.S. to secure a professional license.

Illegals Welcomed

“The bill eliminates the requirement that the department of education… verify the lawful presence of each applicant before issuing or renewing a license,” the law reads:

The bill also specifies that lawful presence is not required of any applicant for any state or local license, certificate, or registration. The bill affirmatively states that the bill is a state law within the meaning of the federal law that gives states the authority to provide for eligibility for state and local public benefits to persons who are unlawfully residing in the United States. [Emphasis added] Colorado State Immigration Director Marissa Molina said in a statement, “As our state continues to face worker shortages, particularly in education and health care, we have opened the door for a new generation of nurses, teachers, and other essential workers to fill labor gaps needed to support our continued health response and long-term economic recovery.”

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Duck McCloud
Duck McCloud
2 years ago

Who cares what Zuckerborg wants. He can run for office. (LOL!)
It is easier to just pay for the bestest government that money can buy.

O/T-the Iowa station came in clearly and S Hannity was talking about Russia and China who love America and their fellow traveler buddy Uncle Joe. (not really)