Cocaine Was Found in the White House Library Not Outside


To add to a story I wrote about this morning, there are reports that the cocaine found at the White House was not outside the White House. They were found in the library. The public was told it was outside on the grounds.

“The suspicious “white powdered substance” that was later reported to be “cocaine” was found at the White House library, prompting a brief evacuation and Secret Service Investigation on Tuesday,” MSNBC reported.


“The drug, a white powder, tested positive for cocaine in a preliminary test, according to the article (at The Washington Post – WaPo), which quoted an official and included the audio of a communication from the Washington, D.C. fire unit that reacted to the incident.

“Investigators have determined how the white powder entered the White House.”

A Secret Service spokesperson, Anthony Guglielmi, said the powder is being investigated now. The Secret Service won’t say if it’s cocaine, although the fire crew said it’s cocaine.

How much time does it take to determine if it’s cocaine?

I think that’s a snow job!

The media is also saying the First Family was away, so this has nothing to do with them. The powder was found in a “work area,” with the suggestion being a workman left a bag of cocaine.

Meanwhile, Hunter was at the White House, at the State dinner, and was there on Saturday, hours before it was found.

We know this corrupt administration is filled with liars, so what are we to believe? I’m suspicious. We are to believe some workman brought his bag of cocaine with him to work in the White House?

Initially, the White House said it was a nasal spray. Then the media said it’s an anesthetic. Cocaine hydrochloride is most commonly used to get high.

MSNBC reported the following (rough transcription):

“The US Secret Service uniform division discovered a white powdery substance during routine patrols of the White House and immediately called this in. It was determined that it’s currently being investigated, and right now, the substance itself.

“Now, The Washington Post, which first reported on this, which led to a brief evacuation of the White House, cited a dispatch from fire department personnel indicating that this may have been cocaine. Now the White House and the official sources we’ve been speaking to are acknowledging that dispatch exists, but they emphasize that this powdery substance is still being investigated.

“I want to read a statement we’ve just received from a spokesperson from the US Secret Service. It says that on Sunday evening, the White House complex went into a precautionary closure as officers from the Secret Service uniform division investigated an unknown item found inside a work area. The DC fire department was called to evaluate and quickly determined the item to be non-hazardous. The item was sent for further evaluation, and an investigation into the cause and manner of how it entered the White House is pending.

“Now we can report that this was found inside a working area of The West Wing, so that would distinguish it from a routine patrol of the executive mansion, right, the public access that have routine tours of that area to a West Wing working area, which would potentially narrow down the universe of how this item came into the White House itself.

“So a significant development. We should report as well that the president was out of town throughout the week, and he, in fact, just returned to the White House this morning with the First Lady as well as his family, and so the indications are that despite the evacuation that occurred of the White House on Sunday, this did not affect obviously the president and the First Family.”

Obviously, Got it!

The State Dinner was Friday night, and Hunter was in attendance. He leaves computers and forgets them. Did he forget his cocaine? Just asking the logical question.

I’ve become very cynical, having been someone who totally trusted the government, so don’t go by me. But I don’t believe this MSNBC report. I wouldn’t put it past them to frame a workman. Maybe Hunter is innocent, and there is no evidence he left the cocaine, but I don’t believe a workman absentmindedly left his bag of cocaine in the library of the White House. It’s possible, but I don’t believe it.

By the way, The WaPo, which first released the story, is an arm of government, especially the intelligence network.

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