Chinese Communist Military-Age Men Are Invading the USA


While the US Senate looks for ways to spend billions in borrowed dollars from China to mend the borders of other nations, Chinese Communists are invading the continental United States.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin confirms what we have already heard. Chinese illegals are invading the southern border, and the problem is worsening.

A  CBP source told Melugin that Border Patrol’s San Diego sector apprehended 269 Chinese nationals who crossed illegally yesterday. More than 20,000 Chinese nationals have now been encountered by CBP in FY’24 so far. Only 450 Chinese were encountered in all of FY’21. This is a significant difference.

Melugin says most of them are coming across illegally in San Diego.

Michael Yon has covered the Chinese invasion for some time, but no one in power seems to care. The first video is from last April. Look at the date on the second.

Brett Weinstein spoke with Tucker earlier this month and shared what he found at the border. He said he believed he saw a massive economic migration and an invasion. He specifically mentioned the Chinese illegals.

The Chinese camp was very different from the economic migrant camps. The Chinese aliens would not speak with anyone, mostly men of military age.

Any photos they could get were done covertly.

The people wouldn’t talk to them, not out of fear, but because they didn’t want to share information.

He sensed tremendous hostility from the Chinese and found it “particularly unsettling given that I know where they’re headed – right, they’re headed to the US.”


He also talked about Belt & Road infrastructure projects right on the southern border of the US.

And the US is not collecting any information on these travelers – none- while others are collecting biometric data.

With aid from the US, global institutions are working on building pathways through the Darien Gap to get people to the US.

“This needless immigration is causing a grievous humanitarian crisis. The only reason to do the immigration this way is to have the invaders blend in with the migrants.”

No journalists were present even though the story was in plain sight. This suggests a system that is “corrupted across the board.” The complicity is not reported or reported wrongly. We’re talking about millions of people, and it’s a permanent transformation.

NGOs need to be imprisoned.

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