No interim Durham report or prosecutions before November 3rd


It was okay for Democrats in the FBI to attempt to overthrow an election. They did it with the help of the media and the politicians. Then they attempted a coup with a fake Russia-Trump collusion probe, a fake Ukraine probe, an impeachment, and 24/7 MSM attacks. However, it’s not okay to find out the details of the probe into the origins of the likely-unpredicated probes before the election.

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo announced earlier today that sources told her not to expect any interim report or outcomes from the probe by John Durham prior to the election.

This is a political decision that is very unfair to President Trump.


Some information has leaked via US attorney Jeffrey Jensen in the Flynn case and it’s explosive. Read here, here, here for Flynn info. Then there’s the dossier info here.

Sadly, it probably doesn’t matter. Americans are so apathetic and oblivious, it’s shocking. Although the truth of what is going on is somewhat hidden from the public view. The media is largely responsible for this as they lie, ignore, and continue to manipulate the news.

We need President Trump to win now more than ever. If he loses, this probe ends and the corrupt bureaucracy continues. He is our only hope.



  1. The FBI & the Department of Justice is still in the hands of the Nazi SS and the communists and because of it this country is lost. So lock and load, veterans, cuz the Peter Strzoks and the Comeys and the McCabes and the Obamas and the Bidens, AND THE pELOSI POOPER SCOOPERSD are COMING FOR YOU & ME

  2. This is nothing but more DOJ PR from establishment gossip reporter Maria. As a pretend conservative, and on FOX, she is the right outlet for such disinformation. This gives the DOJ artificial legitimacy.

    She told us nothing. We knew the DOJ was stalling 3 years ago.

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