National Guard Col. on J6: They Believed There Was Going to Be a Coup


First, watch this clip with Captain Timothy Nick on this link. It provides background.

Col. Earl G. Matthews said, They believed there was going to be a coup. This is out there and it is not a conspiracy theory. “It’s crazy talk.”

“Milley talked about it in his book.”

Command Sergeant Major Michael Brooks of the D.C. National Guard confirmed the Guard was ready to quell the J6 riot when the Chief of the Capitol Police frantically called for help. They were not allowed to respond, he confirmed, in contradiction to the Inspector General’s report.

In other words, the IG report included significant untruths, seemingly for political expediency to protect certain politicians.]

Command Sergeant Major Brooks:

After the George Floyd riots of 2020, “I do not believe any of them understood just how unique the DC National Guard is and the responsibility that is delegated from the president to the Secretary of Defense and further delegated to the secretary of the army.

“I believe it is this lack of understanding that led to the significant delays in the military response on January 6th. I will not sit here today and say if we had been given authority to immediately respond when Chief Sund, the Chief of the Capitol Police made that first frantic call for support at 1:49 PM that we would have prevented the breach of the Capitol.

“What I can tell you with absolute certainty is that we had a force equipped and ready to respond, and in spite of the inaccuracies of the DoD IG report, we had a plan and would have liked the opportunity to try.

“Instead, we waited for hours less than two miles east … our capital had been breached, and not understanding why we had not received the authorization to respond.

“I cannot tell you the number of times someone has asked me where were you? Where was the National Guard or how can you call yourselves Capitol guardians?

“There’s no easy response to those questions and the truth is we were there, and we were ready. We just weren’t authorized to respond, and that is difficult to explain.

“The soldiers and airmen of the DC National Guard deserve better. They deserve to be recognized for their sacrifices over a prolonged period of civil unrest from May 2020 to May 2021.”


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