Communistic Dem Pramila Jayapal in Line to Become Speaker


Progressive [communist] Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal believes now is the time for a far-left takeover of House Democratic leadership.

As chair of the influential Communist-socialist Progressive Caucus in the House, the Washington Democrat has become a key negotiator with the Biden administration on imposing hard-left welfare ‘entitlements’ and climate change extremist policies.

She also likes to purge American names, renaming mountains, monuments, lakes, and anything American with a more communist-pleasing appellation.

Pramila Jayapal
Capitol insiders say she could soon succeed Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

Ms. Jayapal, 56, is among several contenders to replace 82-year-old Mrs. Pelosi for the top spot. In that growing competition.

According to The Washington Times, Jayapal is the “commanding voice of the far-left who sees the future of the Democratic Party inextricably tied to the success of the Progressive Caucus, which is the largest ideological faction among House Democrats.”

She was a Marxist political organizer in Seattle, helping to pass expansive labor laws. She helped bring in $15 minimum wage citywide, leading to the worldwide movement. Her goal is to unionize every business while centralizing all businesses.


“There’s a lot of people who really don’t understand how our progressive policies here have really led the state and led the nation, and how we’ve continued to thrive,” Ms. Jayapal said in the interview with The Washington Times. “You raise the minimum wage; people do better. You provide child care, people do better, and the country thrives.”

Her ideas are what Joe Biden is using to destroy the country. She loves open borders. Open borders will stop when Democrats have their permanent electoral majority.

The Washington Times reports that in Congress, she has sought to move her party to the left on an overhaul of government programs, including housing resources, universal pre-K, and higher spending on child care and health care access.

Her biggest challenge to replacing Ms. Pelosi atop the Democratic Caucus is getting the support of the “centrist” middle of the party, from which she has made a clear split. The so-called “centrist” middle is far-left. There are no centrists unless you consider socialists as centrists.

“She has openly criticized the party’s more moderate lawmakers, as well as previous leadership of the House Democrats’ campaign arm, for barring consultants and vendors from working for incumbents’ primary challengers if they wanted to do business with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — a rule that hobbles primary challenges from the left.”


According to the Times, Ms. Jayapal proudly wears the label “far-left.” It characterizes how she sees the growing majority of the Democratic Party today.

“What is the ‘far left?’ Progressives make up 40% of the Democratic caucus and the vast majority of the primary electorate. We will continue to push for our voice to be recognized,” Ms. Jayapal tweeted.

She sees her vision becoming a reality with the horrendous communist bills like the $740B Build Back Better.

“Looking at the bill that the Senate passed, it is based on much of the bill that the Progressive Caucus was key to getting passed in the House. The infrastructure bill is largely welfare and wasted funds on climate extremism.

Unfortunately, the communists and socialists of the Progressive movement, who are currently destroying the United States, promise all kinds of free stuff they will never be able to deliver as they destroy our capitalist system and energy sector on which we have thrived.

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