“Completely Lawless!” Everything Mayorkas Does Is “Intentional”


Everything DHS Chief Mayorkas is doing is “intentional,” Rep. Green said, and Republicans are organizing around this issue. Matthew Kolken said there is also no enforcement internally. Biden removed deportations from the docket. “It is completely lawless,” says Mr. Kolken.

Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) is the House Homeland defense committee chair. He says that everything being done at the border is “intentional.”

He said that Republicans are organizing.

“Every single thing Alejandro Mayorkas is doing is to speed more people into this country … It’s intentional,” Green said at a press event where the GOP leadership introduced their pro-American immigration reforms.

“The more you incentivize people, the bigger the wave will be. And all the processing centers do is provide more incentive [for migrants to say] — “Oh, the door is even more open — all I got to do is get a coyote from the drug cartel to fill out my CBP One app for me.”

“I’m sure they’re paying another little extra fee to get that done.

“Every single thing Alejandro Mayorkas is doing is to speed more people into this country. You take a look at his budget. It’s intentional. They cut CBP and put billions more into a contingency fund to bring more people into the country. This is intentional!

That’s true; 700,000 to 1,000,000 people are reportedly waiting on the border for Title 42 to be dropped because they know the truth.

“And the drug cartels are seizing the day to get more fentanyl in here and make more money. And you ask the parents of that little baby – how many of you have children? — [who] was crawling around on the floor of a [rental apartment] in Florida. The tenant before had fentanyl — [now] a little baby was dead. Every single American is at risk for these ridiculous open-door policies.

He said they’ve “had enough” and are saying “no more.” Unfortunately, none of these bills will pass.

Rep. Green wants Mayorkas impeached.

Despite the lies we get from DHS head Mayorkas, the border is not secure, and we do not have operational control. Cartels have operational control.

Biden Is Removing Deportation Cases from the Docket

Immigration lawyer Matthew Kolken wrote on Twitter, “In addition to not having operational control of the southern border, Biden is not enforcing the immigration law in the interior of the country, and he is removing deportation cases from the immigration court’s active docket. It is completely lawless.”

Mr. Kolken is also the Former Elected Director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, National Board of Governors.

Mayorkas keeps lying.

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4 months ago

I ask the question Daily, why hasn’t DHS Chief Mayorkas been Impeached and the Republican House sue DHS to close the Border. If they don’t close the border to all immigration, then hand out Impeachments like free tickets to a Trump Rally! It’s time to make it really expensive for the Bureaucrats and really dangerous for Democrat Politicians.

If Republicans let Traitor Joe Default on the Debt with this kind of Illegal Immigration, America is done and America’s Patriots will have to deal with the Traitors and the Aliens. We will have no other choice! It won’t be pretty!

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
4 months ago

Of course it is intentional.

Letting in tens of millions of illegals ( in the last 40 years or so ) does not benefit the USA in anyway, but it benefits someone somewhere or it would be stopped.

The fact it is not only NOT stopped but facilitated by Democrats, and the fact that the number of illegals since Biden has stolen the election is at a record high tells you that it is 100% intentional.

An earthquake, a snow storm or a river that over flows is an accident, yes, but a border open to illegals for over 40 years is not an accident, it is intentional.

Democrats do it for future democrat votes ( as if an illegal once he can vote would vote for Republicans and have the border closed ! )

and Democrats leave the border open for the money the cartels give them. ( like Biden’s 10% Democrats get a percentage from the cartels…this is not just my opinion this is certain…I could find the link to an article and a video where someone presents indisputable evidence of that …they even show a connection to Katie Hobbs…)

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 months ago

We are being invaded, the GOP should have been attacking this problem since January. The term is 1/6th over. They knew for 2 years that this was going on. This is incredibly irresponsible of the GOP. They are oath violators. McCarthy has to be complicit to block impeachment votes. Remove McCarthy.