Evanston Offers “Hilariously Blatant” Racially Segregated HS Classes


Evanston Township, Illinois, is offering segregated classes in mathematics. They have courses for Latinx (they’re eliminating genders), and blacks or people who identify as such. No such classes for whites and Asians only. This reminds me of Jim Crow.

When I was a child on vacation in Florida, my mother and I took a ride on a ferry. There was a pretty older girl in a white dress. She had the nicest braids. I wanted to play with her and ran up to her when she was at the water fountain, but my mother pulled me back.

I was angry and asked why. She pointed to the big men all around the boat glaring at us. She said something to the effect that they were angry, and we’re not allowed to talk to negros. The water fountain and bathrooms were labeled whites or blacks.

I was four, and it stuck with me. The Democrat Dixiecrats were responsible for that. They’re doing it again. No segregation, ever!

As for Evanston, it’s in-your-face racial segregation.

As Steve Sailer writes at UNZ, “Presumably, the racially segregated math classes are so blacks and Hispanics can get the GPA boost from taking a nominal Advanced Placement class without holding back the children of Northwestern professors.”

“Lots of schools have tracking that leads to a lot of segregation, but the segregation is hilariously blatant in this case.”

It’s still segregation – the camel’s nose under the tent.


Evanston is Woke. They were the first city to pay reparations to black residents.

During the pandemic at least, they canceled the July 4th parades, but the Gay Pride and Juneteenth parades went on. They said it was about health. That’s not believable. For many black people, July 4th is not a great day because it didn’t mean independence for black people. If people weren’t trying to divide us at every turn, that could be addressed on July 4th. Instead, the dividers want separate Independence Days.

It’s not just Evanston that’s moved far-left. Gov. Pritzker forced Marxist equity and LGBTQIA ideology into the schools, K-12.


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