Comrade Blumenthal Denies Knowingly Attending a Big Communist Celebration


On the 15th, I wrote about Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) attending an event given by a Communist Party affiliate organization. The event was hosted by the Connecticut People’s World Committee Amistad Awards. They were celebrating the 102nd anniversary of the Communist Party USA and the event was aimed at drumming up membership.

Senator Blumenthal was the keynote who gave out the awards but there was backlash after his attendance became known. Blumenthal is now claiming that he didn’t know that it was a Communist Party-related event. He said he wouldn’t have attended had he known.

DaNang Dick did know. He’s lying again.

It was the anniversary of the founding of the party in the United States. Blumenthal said he was “very excited and honored” to be with them and to “share this remarkable occasion.” The remarkable occasion was the anniversary. It was also a recruitment event.

This event was a preplanned, open, full embrace of a Communist Party event, accompanied by lavish praise for the Communist Party hosts.

If he isn’t a communist, he’s a hearty sympathizer.

As The Washington Examiner pointed out, DaNang spoke at the annual ceremony of the Connecticut People’s World Committee, and he used Senate stationery to provide approving recognition to winners of the committee’s “Amistad Award.” The group is openly and proudly an affiliate of the Communist Party USA.

There is no way there could be confusion.

The two event hosts explained that “this year, the awards are held on the occasion of the 102nd anniversary of the Communist Party USA,” then went on for some time praising the party’s work since 1919 and “invit[ing]” listeners to join the Communist Party (by name) and create “a new socialist system.”

In introducing Blumenthal, the other host specifically said she was “honoring how important the Communist Party is … not just in Connecticut, but across the whole world.”

A minute later, Blumenthal took the podium, The Examiner reports. He told them he was “really excited and honored to be with you.”

He said you don’t have to agree with them to honor three award winners, but that was a meaningless comment in terms of absolving him. The award winners received the awards for their work as radical communists.

Communism has led to the murder of over 100 million people and this is what this communist booster Blumenthal recognized and promoted on their anniversary in the United States.

Blumenthal is a monster and should not be in the Senate.


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