Condoleeza Rice Pushes for Accelerating Ukraine War on Our March to WWIII


Condoleeza Rice, a nice lady but a warmonger, was on Face the Nation, explaining that we have to convince Russia to leave Ukraine.  She spoke with Margaret Brennan who is one of the Left who now loves her. Condi thinks Biden is doing a fine job.

The one thing she’d like to see Biden do is to provide more weapons, ammo, and presumably, fighter jets. She wants them delivered much faster. Condoleeza seems to think that rushing us toward World War III is a way to prevent war.

War is peace?

Ms. Rice is one of the architects of the useless Iraq War in 2003.

Condoleeza said we have to remember 1914, 1941, and 2001. There was hardly a more worthless war than the 2001 Afghanistan war. The war in Afghanistan and the Ukraine war are far closer to Vietnam than World War I or II. She is trying to start World War III.

The former Bush Secretary of State believes that China is threatening to help Russia because we are not doing enough. Isn’t the opposite possible?

Currently, the Wagnerites appear to be taking Bakhmut and Donbas, as the US discusses sending 50 to 80 F-16s to Ukraine in the future. They are also talking about a three-year war.

This is another Afghanistan War but there is far more at risk. She talks about  this war as if it’s a mundane matter.

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