Cori Bush calls Trump a white supremacist, politicians fill up the Capitol with military


Racist Squad member Cori Bush is basically calling half the nation white supremacists. This is absurd. Trump is not a white supremacist.

It also wasn’t an insurrection. It was a riot by nutjobs with some normal people just walking around after the police let them in.

It was Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi who were asked six times to up the security on the 6th. They refused over optics.

It was Nancy who tried to launch a military coup.


Along with the hyperbole, they’ve sent an army to protect the Capitol as if there really is a Fort Sumter-style assault on the Capitol.

It’s all a show, a game, and an army in the Capitol to fend off ordinary Americans. They didn’t care when the Left invaded the Hart building. The National Guard is seen sleeping on the floors there.

Democrats are writing up legislation to ban all Maga assemblies. They hate making America great.

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Let's Go Crazy 1984
Let's Go Crazy 1984
2 years ago

Breaking O/T-just read that the Ashli Babbit shooter was a Brazilian immigrant BLM member named David Bailey who bragged on Fakebook for months about shooting Trump supporters.
He was also part of the security team where Rep. Steve Scalise was playing softball.
Patriot page that could get you on an unperson list but a not just be evil Google searcher has some results.

Jambalaya On The Bayou
Jambalaya On The Bayou
2 years ago

Those national guard strong photos are a hoot that show pounds of chewed bubble gum training with boxes of donuts and chickens.
It only takes one anxious overreaction shot and the burn it all down fundamental transformation will be complete.
Some clueless CPUSA comrades consider themselves as on the right side of history with their woke hysteria.
Survey says…wrong answer.

2 years ago
2 years ago

More insurrectionists descend on the Capitol. They are trying to interfere in the functioning of Government.

2 years ago

Straight out of Hollywood, guess Biden will always appear on stage with a military commando squad surrounding him, WHAT A BUNCH OF BS